How the 2013 Ford Explorer Can Save You This Winter Season

Winter’s treacherous road conditions are just around the corner, if they haven’t hit you already, which begs the question:  are you and your family prepared for this upcoming winter season? Having the right type of vehicle, preferably with AWD (all wheel drive), as your first line of defense can be a huge help in preventing those OH-NO moments. There are countless SUV’s on the market that may be able to handle the job, but only one stands above the rest and that’s the 2013 Ford Explorer.

All Terrain Management System

The 2013 Ford Explorer’s All Terrain Management system is unlike any other and takes the guesswork out of operating a four-wheel drive system, giving you the driver the confidence you need in those stressful and sometimes scary situations. The 2013 Ford Explorer is also packed with all the comfort and technology you expect, making it a great family vehicle for those long holiday trips.

“Talking with customers told us that flexibility and freedom to tackle any road, any time is important to them,” says Explorer Chief Nameplate Engineer Jim Holland. “We saw the opportunity to eliminate a compromise by adding an intuitive and efficient terrain management system that can demystify four-wheel-drive control and enable the driver to properly match 4WD traction to the situations and road conditions they encounter.”

If you have ever dealt with previous systems, there was always some confusion as to the best use of 4×4 high- and low-range engagement. Ford’s new intelligent four-wheel drive with All Terrain Management eliminates that guesswork by using simple icons to help drivers choose the correct setting for whatever climate or surface they may encounter.

Terrain Management Settings

  • Normal: Biases torque to the front wheels and sends it to the rear only as needed
  • Mud/Ruts: Switches the throttle to a more aggressive mode, limits upshifting and desensitizes stability control, allowing the tires to spin as needed
  • Sand: The throttle throws maximum torque to the wheels, placing the transmission in lower gears for as long as possible, which allows the wheels to spin aggressively
  • Snow/ Grass/Gravel: Places the throttle in a setting to minimize wheelslip.

“Intelligent 4WD with terrain management works by optimizing Explorer powertrain and braking systems to best suit a variety of situations, allowing vehicle behavior characteristics to provide appropriate traction and driver control,” says Holland. “We anticipate the system will really be a stress-reducer and confidence-builder, especially when driving in adverse conditions.”

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*Source Ford Motor Company

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