Ford AppLink Opens to Developers: A Sign Of Things To Come [w/ video]

Ford AppLink CES 2013

AppLink is Ford’s user connectivity that allows apps to be accessed through the vehicle’s Microsoft SYNC hands-free technology. Ford only allowed select developers to adapt their applications to AppLink, such as Pandora and iHeart Radio to name a few. Since Ford launched their open developer program at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronic Show), it has freed up the technology to any developer that wants to use it.

What is Applink?

AppLink works by taking a mobile application and integrating its features through the vehicle’s buttons and SYNC’s voice commands. If you were to use Pandora through AppLink, you would notice that the information screen displays the artist’s details. The vehicle will then allow you to control all the app’s features through the vehicle, e.g. you can say, “Play station, The Beatles,” and it will play The Beatles Station. You can also bookmark songs and artists, thumb up and down, and create new stations all in the same way. It’s a great way to use your mobile applications and ensure you and your passengers are safe in doing so.

Since the development of AppLink, there have been compatible apps to check the air for possible allergens, apps that will read your newspapers for you, and one that will use your car to set up dates for you and that significant other. With the system now open to all developers, there should be some pretty interesting applications that will keep you connected while staying safe.

AppLink CES Video

CNET brings us Julius Marchwicki talking about the open development of AppLink at the Ford Press Conference at this year’s CES. Enjoy.

[Source: Ford Press Release]

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