How to Pair Your Samsung Galaxy S3 to Ford SYNC

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Whether you’re an Apple user or Android you can’t discount the growing popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3. So we here at Lebanon Ford decided to cater to the users of the S3, myself included, and created a specific guide on how to ensure your phone is paired to your Ford vehicle. Here are a couple of key things to remember when setting up your phone: The S3 requires confirmation to download your phone book and allow MAP (Message Access Profile). MAP will allow the transfer of SMS messages through Bluetooth. Yes, you read that correctly. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is compatible with Ford SYNC’s text messaging. The phonebook and MAP are two separate prompts that will show up on your phone after you go through the final steps on the vehicle such as making the phone as “Favorite” or “Primary” and selecting “Yes” when asked to “Download Phonebook?”. When you see the prompts on the phone make sure to check the box that says “Don’t Ask Again” before selecting “OK”. This will ensure that you don’t have to confirm the request every time you enter your vehicle. Below you will find each version of Ford SYNC, simply find the one that is located in your vehicle and follow the steps that apply.



SYNC button pic


  1. Bring up the Phone Menu by pressing the “Phone” button.
  2. Use the Tune knob to scroll through the menu to locate “System Settings” and press “OK”.
  3. Press “OK” to get into “Bluetooth Devices”.
  4. Press “OK” on “Add Bluetooth Devices”.
  5. Press “OK” on Find SYNC, you will see a 6-digit PIN that you will have to enter in to your phone.


  1. Locate and select your Settings.
  2. Select “Bluetooth” and make sure it’s turned “On”.
  3. Click “Scan” to search for SYNC. Once you see SYNC select it, and enter in the PIN displayed and click “Ok”.
  4. After you go through the prompts on the vehicle make sure to check you phone to accept the transfer of your contacts and to allow MAP. If you don’t see them directly on your phones screen, slide down the notification bar at the top and they’ll be found their.

SYNC with Navigation


SYNC Navigation pic


  1. Click the “Phone” button.
  2. Select “Settings”.
  3. Select Add, you will see a 6-digit PIN that you will have to enter in you phone.


  1. Locate and select your Settings.
  2. Select “Bluetooth” and make sure it’s turned “On”.
  3. Click “Scan” to search for SYNC. Once you see SYNC select it, and enter in the PIN displayed and click “Ok”.
  4. After you go through the prompts on the vehicle make sure to check you phone to accept the transfer of your contacts and to allow MAP. If you don’t see them directly on your phones screen, slide down the notification bar at the top and they’ll be found their.



MyFord button pic


  1. Get to the Phone Menu by pressing the “Phone” button.
  2. Use the Tune knob to scroll through the menu to locate “System Settings” and press OK.
  3. Press OK to get into “Bluetooth Devices”.
  4. Press OK on “Add Bluetooth Devices”.
  5. Press OK on Find SYNC, you will see a 6-digit PIN that you will have to enter in to your phone.


  1. Locate and select your Settings.
  2. Select “Bluetooth” and make sure it’s turned “On”.
  3. Click “Scan” to search for SYNC. Once you see SYNC select it, and enter in the PIN displayed and click “Ok”.
  4. After you go through the prompts on the vehicle make sure to check you phone to accept the transfer of your contacts and to allow MAP. If you don’t see them directly on your phones screen, slide down the notification bar at the top and they’ll be found their.

MyFord Touch


MyFord touch display pic


  1. Select the “Phone” tab in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Select “Settings”.
  3. Select “Bluetooth Devices”.
  4. Select Add Device, you will see a 6-Digit PIN on the screen that you will have to enter in your phone.


  1. Locate and select your Settings.
  2. Select “Bluetooth” and make sure it’s turned “On”.
  3. Click “Scan” to search for SYNC. Once you see SYNC select it, and enter in the PIN displayed and click “Ok”.
  4. After you go through the prompts on the vehicle make sure to check you phone to accept the transfer of your contacts and to allow MAP. If you don’t see them directly on your phones screen, slide down the notification bar at the top and they’ll be found their.

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  • Lee

    Thank you very much for the assistance! I was getting a bit frustrated that I couldn’t figure out how to sync to my Ford Escape. Your directions worked perfectly. Appreciate your help!
    Lee Ann :-)
    Flower Mound, Texas

    • myTech Team

      Glad to here it Lee, thanks for reading. If there’s anything else we can do for you don’t hesitate to ask. We also take requests for future articles. So if you would like to see an article on a subject we haven’t covered send us an email at Hope you have a great start to the week.

  • brandie

    I have a Lincoln MKS. Does this standard also apply to the Sync on my Lincoln?

    • myTech Team

      Yes Brandie, the MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch follow the same menu layout.

  • Erik Curtis

    Alex, I have a 2013 Edge /w touch and a Samsung Galaxy SIII. I am not able to get text messages to show on the display or be read by Sync. Any ideas?

    • myTech Team

      Hi Erik, when you first connect the S3 to your vehicle it show two prompts on the phones screen. One will be allowing access to transfer your phonebook, the other is allowing MAP (Message Access Profile). You have to allow MAP in order for text messages to show. I would recommend a repairing the device to your vehicle and see if the MAP pop-up shows. If it doesn’t give me a call at 855-567-0440 and we’ll look through it.

  • Lynn

    I just purchased a 2013 F159 with Sync my Ford. I a paired my Samsung SIII with no problem. However the 2 systems disconnect all the time. Anything you know that might help?

    • myTech Team

      Hi Lynn, I would try rebooting you phone by taking the battery out for 2-3 minutes. Once you’ve booted the phone back up head to your car and see if the situation has improved. If not send me an email at

  • Erik Rios

    i have a 2012 ford focus SEL. I am unable to get the two to read each other. Both of them say no devices available. I have tried to reboot phone. what am I missing?

    • myTech Team

      Hi Erik, have you tried a Master Reset on the vehicle?

  • Lona

    I have a 2013 Ford Explorer with My Ford Touch and I never get the MAP pop up when I’m pairing my phone. I’ve had to redo my phone sync several times and not once has this came up. Why would this be? All of my software is up to date. I have Verizon as my carrier.

    • myTech Team

      Hi Lona, I would try a reboot on the phone. Turn the phone off for 2-3 minutes before turning it back on. See if there’s any change in the situation afterwards.

      • Lona

        I’ve rebooted my phone several times. I found a solution that so far is working. : )

  • Lona

    I actually found a solution that worked. I had the same issue described here. Using Sync 3.5.1 (4.29.12285) with a
    Samsung Galaxy S3 (Adroid 4.1.1), I received the error message “the
    currently selected phone does not support text messaging via bluetooth”.

    Here are the steps that I used to get it working…

    1. Turn off Bluetooth on the S3

    2. If the vehicle is on, wait for the phone to be disconnected from the vehicle

    3. If not already on, turn on the vehicle ignition

    4. Turn on Bluetooth on the S3

    5. As soon as Sync is paired, the phone will have a security request that I only found by accessing the pull down menu

    6. Pull down the menu on the S3 and it will indicate there is a Map Request, do you want to allow Sync access

    7. Select the Enable checkbox to not be reminded again and press OK

    8. To test it, dial *DATA# on your phone and wait for a text to arrive

    9. When the text arrives, the vehicle will play an alert and indicate a message is available

    10. Press OK to Listen

    11. Voila!!!

    The main issue is that the Map Request occurs when the phone is paired
    and you need to allow Sync permission to access the phone text messaging
    before the request disappears.

    I hope this helps others.

    • chris

      Hi I have just Brought a 64 plate ford s max zetec and its come standard with the ford 6000 cd system now I can connect my Samsung galaxy s3 to ford sync bluetooth and can make and receive calls however I cannot play my music through bluetooth? in my phone bluetooth settings it wont let me press the bluetooth audio button but the other one does and when pressing the syncbutton in the car it just says bluetooth not possible?????

  • Rajesh N G

    Hi Alex, this is Rajesh from Dubai. I just switched over from my iphone 4 to galaxy S4. I was able to pair my explorer and S4 perfectly, download phonebook and also the messages. But my issue is when i used the iphone the phone’s ringtone was also played on the car’s speakers, but now there is a different ringtone for calls and messages inside the sync. Honestly both are crappy. When i get a call or msg, my phone is ringing with its own ringtone and the car’s ringer is going on its own at the same time and it is irritating to us. I tried the silent option in the car too. But that doesnt seem to work also.
    Any advice?
    Regrds, Rajesh

    • myTech Team

      Hi Rajesh, I’m glad to hear you were able to pair up your phone to your vehicle so easily. In regards to the ringtone, iPhones allow the transfer of the phones ringtone through the vehicle. This is a phone dependent feature however, so not all phones will support the transfer. If you have any other questions you can get in contact with me directly at

  • Marisol233

    Hi Alex. I have tried and tried and tried to get my Ford Edge 2013 to pair with my messages (I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 on tmobile) but with no luck. I have tried erasing my phone completely from the car, repairing it (exactly as you mentioned), allowing the prompts, and still not getting the messages through. The phone and audio works, its just the messages that is not working. Am i alone in this issue?

    • myTech Team

      Hi Marisol233, I would head to your local Ford dealership and pair your phone to other 2013 Edges. See if you are able to get the text messaging feature to show up on the other vehicles. This will help you better identify where the situation is stemming from. If you have any additional questions you can contact me directly at

  • Russell Heath

    I have a 2008 freestyle and have managed to pair my Samsung Galaxy S4 with it but when it tries to downloas the phonebook it fails everytime. Could this be because the phone has also combined contacts from my Facebook page to my contacts?

    • myTech Team

      Hi Russell, the phonebook download feature is phone dependent. While the S4 is compatible with the newer versions of SYNC it is possible that the S4 isn’t compatible with the older SYNC software found in the 08′ Freestyle. I would check your account and see if there’s an update for you vehicle that may make it compatible with the software found in the newer phones.

  • Pradeep Saini

    i have a Samsung S3, it was paired with my Ford Endeavour and working well.
    I unpaired it once but now am not able to pair it back. My phone keeps on saying PIN not matching but does not give me an option to enter the new PIN

  • Ginny Reed


    I’ve had my 2013 Escape SE for 7 days. I have never been able to keep my Samsung Galaxy S3 connected for more than 3 minuted. It disconnects between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Are there any apps that could be causing this? The dealership has already done the master reset last Friday, no change. I have impaired the phone and deleted it from the car overnight, resynched, no change. I click ok for the contacts download & MAPS & put a checkmark in the box before hitting ok. I have AVG anti virus, Juice Defender & Trend Micro Longevity, bank apps, game apps, The Weather Channel. My sales Rep at the dealership said Sync does not like Emoticons, do I uminstalled that. Didn’t make a difference. I really need my Sync to stay connected. I am adamant about not holding a phone when driving. I hope you can help.

    • myTech Team

      Hi Ginny,

      The SYNC software doesn’t work well with emoticons. It can actually freeze up the system in some cases. What I would first do is reboot your phone by taking the battery out for 5 minutes. Once the phone is powered back on connect it to the vehicle and see if the situation has improved. If not you can contact me at and we can look at some additional solutions.

    • Helene

      Hi there, I just went to day to ford for same issues Ginny. theyve updated the navigation as I have same truck as you but SEL..but same thing in nav. The tcch did all what My Tech Team is saying to do but still didnt work. I lose everyone that calls me or I cant place more than one call at the time. We tried it in the tech’s car and it gets disconnected. She has a blackberry which I had and no issue either. but this samsung 3 no can do.

  • Jim Garwacke

    My Galaxy S3 syncs with my 2012 Focus on the Call Audio but for some reason stopped last week for the Media Audio. I cannot check the box on the S3 Media Audio and when it searches it does not sync to the car. So my phone calls work great but I cannot stream music from my Rhapsody app on the S3 any longer. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    By the way, will App Link ever be available as an update on the 2012 Focus?

    • Jim Garwacke

      Ended up rebooting Ford Sync to factory settings and now phone and media streaming work.

      Sure wish App Link was available on my model. Will it EVER be? I would like to see which songs are being played so I can shuffle thru instead of just seeing the BT symbol.

      Dissapointed in Ford ignoring this issue when myself and others bring this up on the corporate site.

      My salesman told me all features on 2012 and 2013 were the same. I would have waited for a 2013 to be found. Unfortunately my cell crashed and I could not test the app at the time of purchase. In the end the responsibilty ends with me for not doing my own due diligence.

      Thanks mytechteam for your site and all the answers you give. While you did not answer mine directly, I was given plenty of options from the other questions posted.

      • myTech Team

        Jim I’m glad to hear that you were able to resolve the situation you were experiencing. We try our best to get to everyone’s questions and apologize for not being able to get to yours. I haven’t heard of any plans to make AppLink available on the 2012 Focus models, although it is available on the 2013 models not equipped with MyFord Touch.

        If you would like to know which models AppLink is currently available on you can go to

  • Heather

    I just bought a 2013 ford explorer with my ford touch and I have the s3 with att phone syncs but when I try to use messaging text it says message failed cant send or receive from my sync

  • KWahl

    Thank you! Finally able to use the text message feature – all because of your directions!

    • myTech Team

      I’m glad to hear that you found our article helpful :). If there’s anything else you need don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We would also love if you could review us on our DealerRater Page. It would be nice to have your experience out there for others to see as well.

  • Heather Smith

    I just bought a 2013 ford explorer with my ford touch and I have the s3 with att phone syncs but when I try to use messaging text it says message failed cant send or receive from my sync. I get all the requests did work for a short time but now nothing. My husband’s galaxy note works great. So I assume its my phone … any adv

    • myTech Team

      Hi Heather, I would try a reboot on your phone first. Take the battery out and wait five minutes before putting it back in. After it’s been powered up, repair the phone and see if the situation has improved. If not you can email me and we’ll explore some additional options.

      • Heather Smith

        Yes i have tried that i even read where you create a pin number ..said the samsung galaxy didnt like 6 digit pins could get it to work. I have a my ford touch system.

        • myTech Team

          Heather have you tried a Master Reset on the vehicle? If not perform the Master Reset and let me know how it goes. You can email me at

  • ED

    can you help my samsung galaxy s 3 will pair up for about 10 sec then disconnect also from what I understand its because of the 6 digit number phone does not like 6 digit but needs 4 digit how to replace on my touch thanks Ed Thoreson

    • myTech Team

      Hi Ed, when you have the 6-digit pin up on your screen select “Find Other Devices”. Make sure your phones Discoverable Mode is On. When the vehicle finds your phone, select it on the vehicle screen and then enter in a 4-digit pin as the passcode. This could be “1111” or “0000”, it doesn’t matter. You will then enter in the passcode on your phone when the entry field pops up. You’ll now be connected with your vehicle using what is called a Reverse Pair. Send me an email if you have any further questions :).

  • Twortle

    Alex I had my Ford Sync with Navigation in my 2012 F150 perfectly synced via Bluetooth to my Samsung S3. I could answer/make calls via speaker and hands-free, as well as stream Sirius app. I now have an S4, and I can still do the calls via bluetooth, but I cannot stream Sirius. I think it has to do with driving mode and Voice Command on the S4. I can only play Sirius via 1/4 male stereo cable. Any ideas sir? I would like to disable Voice Command/Driving mode. I dont use it. When I turn it off, it keeps coming back on.

    • myTech Team

      Hi Twortle, what I would recommend in regards to the Driving Mode is to reboot your phone by taking out the battery. Leave the phone off for five minutes and then power it back up. This should resolve the situation of it not staying off. This may also resolve the Sirius streaming you’ve been unable to do. Let me know if it doesn’t by emailing me and we can explore some additional resolutions.

  • Diane

    how do I get my media to stream though the Bluetooth on my ford fusion 2012 – the phone is paired and it can make calls and the phonebook works – but no audio

    • myTech Team

      To stream music through Bluetooth Diane, press the voice button and say “Bluetooth Audio”. This will set the device connected to Bluetooth as an audio source and you can select what you want to listen to from the device. The sound from the device will now play through your vehicle’s speakers. If you are having trouble getting it to recognize your phone than take the battery out for five minutes (or power it down if you can’t access the battery). Power the phone back up and then try again. You can always send me an email if you’re still having trouble.

  • Joseph Gelp

    My Samsung SCH I415 with Droid 4.1.2 syncs with my Lincolnsync except the phone book won’t transfer. My prior Samsung did with no problem but when I got this new phone the contacts won’t come over. I tried the Download Phonebook in the Sync menu but it just looks at me and doesn’t react. I would appreciate any suggestions. thanks.

    • myTech Team

      Hi Joseph, the downloading the phone book to SYNC is a phone dependent feature. I’ve looked at Lincoln’s phone compatibility chart and the SCH I415 doesn’t support the transfer of phone book contacts. You can find the compatibility chart at Let me know if you have any questions.

      • Joseph Gelp

        Thank you very much.

  • Carrie

    Hi, I have a 2010 Ford Fusion (with the basic SYNC) and it keeps saying “unsupported” for text messages with my T-Mobile Galaxy s2. I tried the instructions above and while it gives me a prompt for downloading the phonebook, it does not give me a prompt for MAP. Does this have something to do with it being a s2 instead of a 3? Any ideas of how to get the texts to work? (There also is no MAP option in the SYNC itself).

  • Khurram

    Hello, first i would say that you guys are doing great job, and its full with lots of information.
    My issue is, i have Ford Edge 2011 and S3 and it was working absolutely fine till the last time my dealer has reset the system and i have lost my phonebook.

    i preferred last time to manually push contacts from my phone to my vehicle by using Add contact option available, because i only want to add few contacts to phone-book. but now when i am trying pushing contacts one-by-one from S3 to vehicle, its not working. i am getting ‘file not sent’ bluetooth message on my phone.

    My phone is successfully connected, and i am also able to send/recieve sms, but its just the contacts i am unable to push to vehicle now. i have tried disconnect and connect phone with vehicle few times already, but no luck.

    any advise.


    • myTech Team

      Hi Khurram,

      What I would first try is to reboot your phone by taking the battery out. Leave the battery out for five minutes before turning the phone back on. If this doesn’t resolve the situation then proceed to a Master Reset of the vehicle. I’ve linked you our article guiding you through the process if you need. Let me know how things go.

      • Khurram

        Hey thanks for your prompt response.
        I have fixed the issue though :) and to help others, this is what i did:
        1. disconnect phone from my ford touch system, and even unpair from bluetooth devices section of S3.
        2. set S3 bluetooth to discoverable mode, and searched for phone from vehicle system by choosing Find other devices.
        3. and then simply followed the PIN messages and allowed vehicle system to access phone messages and etc.
        4. also this time i have allowed vehicle to download complete S3 phonebook to vehicle.
        and it worked like a charm :)
        hope this helps someone out there, and thanks myTech team for your response once again.

  • krichardson

    I have a 2014 ford escape with my ford touch nav screen and I have enabled the MAP setting on my phones however I’m still not able to send or receive text through the system from my galaxy s3! Please help!

  • alysha

    My phone will sync when I make a call and is fine but it will not download my phonebook. I can’t send or receive messages. Help?

  • Rob Villarreal

    My iPhone won’t connect with my navigation. I have a 2012 lincoln MKZ and everything I press the “phone” button to connect my phone “connection Error shows up on the screen. How can I fix this?

    • myTech Team

      Rob, try powering your iphone down for at least five minutes. Then try to connect the phone to your Lincoln’s sync system. Let me know if this helps. You can also contact us at 513-932-1010 Ext. 123

  • Daniel

    I have a 2010 fusion with sync, I can Bluetooth the phone just fine but how can I play music via usb with my tmobile s3. This is getting frustrating.


  • Beks

    Hi there! Got a Ford Fiesta Sport 2013, I was able to make and receive call using Bluetooth Audio and steam music but just after 2 months of being purchased Bluetooth was unable to stream audio anymore on any devices, Android, iOS and etc but still can make and receive calls using Bluetooth Audio. Already tried to reset to factory and Master Reset. Losing hope here…please help!

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      It sounds like a Ford service department is going to need to look at your Fiesta. Since you have already completed a master reset and tried multiple devices.

  • Jim

    Hi, I recently moved from an iPhone to a Galaxy S4. My iPhone worked perfectly with my 2010 F150, however the S4 appears to be having issues. The device is connecting to Sync, but it won’t take the voice commands to dial and periodically drops the connection. What do I need to do in order to have it working as seamlessly as the iPhone did?

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      Jim, Have you tried pairing another device to the sync system? This will helps narrow down if the vehicle or if the phone is causing issues. You can also try to shut your phone off for a few minutes then pair it back to the system.

  • Jen

    My galaxy s3 recently received an update. Since the update, I have been able to connect the phone again to sync but not load my phonebook from my phone to the car. It’s anybody else having this problem? Is there a resolution?

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      Jen, you might need to delete the phone out of the sync system and repair it.

  • coco99

    I have a 2010 ford explorer and a Samsung Galaxy S3. When I try to add my device and enter the pin that sync has given me, my phone says “unable to pair” before I even get finished typing the entire pin number? What am I doing wrong?

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      Try restarting your phone before you begin the pairing process. Sometimes you have to enter the PIN quickly.

  • alm1216

    I have a 2013 focus and a GS3, but I can not get my text message notification to work. It says not supported. Any thoughts??

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      When you paired your phone to the Focus you should have had a message display on your phones screen to allow sync to access your phones messages. You might have to delete your phone from the Focus and repair it to sync.

  • gvalenncia

    Hi there. I’ve recently got a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but I’ve run into some issues after being connected as USB device, I own a Ford Fiesta 2011 with MS-Sync technology, So I’d appreciate some advice about the following.

    MS-Sync does not have problem to recognize my smartphone either as Bluetooth or USB, but when it tries to index the music (in order to be able to use voice commands), this process takes too long and suddenly is stuck. I have over 1300 songs into my galaxy really well tagged (by the way, pretty good rock and roll, since Chuck Berry and Elvis Priestley till Placebo and Oasis), so you could guess indexing process should take long, but I used to use an Ipod touch 4th generation, with the same amount of songs, and I never had this problem, Sync with my old Ipod touch used to work really well.

    According to above mentioned, I think there could be a problem regarded to MS-Sync is not compliant with devices running with Android 4.3 (as Note 3), so I would like to know if, has anybody dealt with the same issue? or something like that?.

    Thank you team!

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      You might need to remove some of the content on your note. Some devices will not index a large amount of songs.

  • Wendy Price

    2010 Ford Taurus SEL
    Android Version 4.2.2
    LG G2 SPRINT (LS980)

    I finally got my text messaging to Sync; however, when I receive
    a text message, it displays my name instead of whom it is from. If I reply (from Sync) to the text, it goes back to me instead of who sent it to me.

    In order to Sync to my car’s ability to read texts, I had to do this:

    In the PHONE SETTINGS Menu in SYNC, go to MESSAGE

    Before this, it would only Sync for phone calls.

    Any ideas how I can get it to display the correct name & reply to said person?

  • Name

    I’m having issues keeping my Galaxy S3 to my 2012 F150. I can sync it the first time and it works, but when I try to use it again it says I have to go into my phones media and turn if off and back on again for it to connect…Any ideas?

  • Connie

    I have started having problems with my Galaxy 4 and Sync in the 2012 F150 where id has stopped recongizing particular names in my contact list. I say one name and it comes up with all kinds of suggestions just not the right one. But it only happens with certain names. I have tried resending my contacts, but it didn’t help. But in trying to fix that problem, I accidentially connected my text messaging to sync, wihich is good (only took me 2 years to get it to work), except I don’t know how I did it and probably couldnt repeat it if it stopped working again. Would unpairing & repairing my phone help? I am a little scarred to reset factory defaults.

  • Robert Bruce

    i have a 2010 ford f-150 and i have had this issue for a while now. my phone connects just fine but i can not get my contacts to sync properly. If i make a phone call it displays “unknown” on the screen instead of who i am calling, but if that person calls me then it displays their name! Why is this and how can i fix it. when i go into my phone book in the truck it is seperated by 2 folders. ex… 1-j and k-z. My wifes phone works and she has a samsung galaxy s4. i have the samsung galaxy s-3. Plz help with this confusion. I also did the same in her 2013 my ford touch. very irritating.

  • Rick James Bish

    I wish someone would find a solution for connection android via USB and indexing. Sync indexes my Note 3 every time I connect it. It does finally complete index and completes voice commands but I have to wait for the process all over again each time I connect. This is a common problem with the android devices.