So You’re Having Trouble Uploading A Photo To MyFord Touch?

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Personalizing your experience is an important aspect to technology today. We set family portraits as our phone backgrounds. The amazing picture you took at the Grand Canyon becomes your desktop wallpaper at work. In our recent article, 5 Steps To Personalizing Y0ur MyFord Touch Background, we showed you how to personalize your MyFord Touch screen by adding a picture as the background of the display. While it’s a wonderful way to express yourself to those riding with you, technology sometimes doesn’t want to cooperate well. If you’re trying to load up a image and you keep getting a message on your vehicles screen say the format isn’t compatible, make sure your flash drive is formatted to FAT32.

Formatting to FAT32

Locate an empty USB drive that holds 2 GB or more of data and is not password-protected.

  • The empty USB drive cannot be U3 Encrypted
  • The empty USB drive must be FAT32 formatted.

Formatting a USB Thumb Drive to FAT32 on Mac

  1. Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port on the Mac.
  2. Open the Disk Utility program. To get to Disk Utility, open your Finder, click on “Applications” in the sidebar, and click the “Utilities” folder.
  3. Click the flash drive in the left column.
  4. Click the “Partition” tab.
  5. Click “1 Partition” under “Partition Scheme.”
  6. Click “MS-DOS” under the “Format” box.
  7. Click “Apply” to format the drive as FAT32. 

Formatting a USB Thumb Drive to FAT32 on Windows

  1. Insert the USB drive into an open USB port on the computer.
  2. Click the “Start” button then click “Computer”.
  3. Right-click the USB drive listed and click the “Format” option.
  4. Select FAT32 formatting under File system. Choose either quick format or regular format by checking or un-checking the Quick Format box.
  5. Click “Start” to start the formatting process. Most Windows versions will give you a warning that all of your data will be erased. Click “OK” if you want to continue formatting the USB drive.

Still Experiencing Format Compatibility Issues? Try This

The resolution must be 800×384 and .JPEG is the preferred file format. If you are still getting the message, you can proceed to Microsoft Paint and ensure the resolution is 800×384. Once in Microsoft Paint, select “Edit Resolution” to ensure it’s the required resolution. Ford recommends saving the file under “Save As.” Some pictures saved under “Save” store the image as a larger file according to Ford Motor Company.

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