4 Incredibly Necessary Vehicle Upgrades for the Future

the jetsons flying car


The ground is so last century. I want to take to the skies like the Wright Brothers, soaring over Kitty Hawk in a flying Ford Fiesta. Imagine how free the vehicle must feel once lifted off the ground, tires dangling beneath the frame. Ah, to fly the mechanical bird.

Flux Capacitors

flux capacitor gif image

Flux Capacitors. They make you travel back in time and can be converted to run on garbage which saves the earth. Win-win. So what’s the hold up? You have three full length movies that will tell you everything you need to know. Just make sure not to cross the beams when testing. That’s the correct movie reference, right? [It is not. You are thinking of Ghostbustersed.]

Heads Up Display (HUD)

Two words: Iron Man.

Iron man 3 HUD image

‘Nuff said.

Autonomous Capabilities

With the first autonomous vehicles already being tested (successfully, I might add), I think it’s about time we start selling self-driving vehicles. I’m sick and tired of having to wake up every morning and not be able to catch up on my sleep in my car. All I’m doing when driving is supplying power and making sure I don’t hit anything, that’s not too hard for a computer to do, right? The time I spend driving could be put to better use, like learning the proper trajectory and power needed to fling a bird into structures built by green pigs with no arms, or how to make a car that flies (see above). These things are important in my life and I can’t ignore them because of some mind-numbing task like driving getting in the way. Help us, Google; you’re our only hope.

c-3p0 r2-d2 droids car


To Infinity…And Beyond!

What future technology would you like to see in your vehicle? Let us know in the comment section below, your idea might just find it’s way in our next article.

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