The Faster Horse, Part 1: So You Want to Supercharge Your Mustang?

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“If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” -Henry Ford.

The Ford Mustang is turning 50 next year, and it is a car with all kinds of stories to be told. The people who love it, love it.

Jeff Black is one such Mustang enthusiast and a longtime Lebanon Ford customer. His first Mustang was a 1972, and he hasn’t looked back since. This April, he decided he was going to get his 2012 Mustang supercharged at the Roush facility in Plymouth Township, MI.

This is his Faster Horse story.

Meet Jeff Black

Jeff Black has loved Mustangs since he was 10 years old. His dad purchased a 1965 Mustang convertible, and through the years, Jeff himself has owned a 1972, “a couple Fox bodies, two different 2000 GT’s, a 2001 GT, a 2003 GT convertible, and a 2004 Terminator Cobra,” before his current 2012 GT convertible.

Jeff met our Sales & Leasing Consultant Charlie Watson at a car show four years ago while he was showing off his 2004 Terminator Cobra, which was also supercharged. It was a classic story of Boy-Meets-Car, as Charlie “seemed to always be eyeing [Jeff’s] Cobra.”

Eventually, Jeff’s home dealership went out of business and he didn’t know where he’d be able to take his beloved Mustang to get it serviced, or where they’d be able to buy their next Ford. Jeff and his wife were looking for a “decent, honorable dealership” and Charlie had “impressed [them] both with his honesty and maturity,” which brought them to Lebanon Ford’s doors.

One of a Kind: Jeff’s 2012 GT Convertible

Jeff had done a good bit of customizing to his 2012 Mustang even before his decision to supercharge it. He considered buying a Boss 302, but his wife sold him on a convertible, so they went the GT route with a Brembo package. This includes “Brembo brakes, GT500 lower control arms, upgraded springs/shocks, very similar to the Boss. We ordered the Boss lower front fascia direct from Ford […] We also swapped out the factory exhaust with SLP cat backs, added a light bar and red racing stripes…”

He’s a man who knows exactly what kind of car he wants, and he’s willing to make the changes to get it there.

“The car has become sort of one of a kind,” he says. And it all started when he sold his Terminator Cobra back to Charlie Watson.

Enter the Watson

Charlie has been working at Lebanon Ford since 2006, and he knows a great Mustang when he sees one. He’s been in the car business since he was 16, and he’s owned every one of the last five model years of the Mustang except the 2012 “because the 2013 redesign was too great to wait around for.”

When Jeff finally came into the dealership looking to sell their Cobra, he “thought [Charlie] was going to die! … That started us on the road to a great friendship!”

Jeff and Charlie have been doing business together for several years now, and they are part of a loose-knit group of Mustang owners who enjoy taking their cars out, opening up the throttle, and cruising. A few years ago, one of their members, Mint Moore, bought a Roush Mustang, and everyone else in the group loved it.

American Supercharged

What is supercharging?

Supercharging is the use of an aftermarket air compressor to increase pressure, temperature, and air density in an internal combustion engine. The air compressor is generally referred to as the supercharger, and it is in essence a bolt-on accessory. It increases the efficiency of your engine’s combustion to up its potential power.

So basically, more oxygen in your engine per cycle equals more fuel burned per cycle equals more work done per cycle equals way more power for your vehicle. Often, it results in about 200 more horsepower.

In Jeff’s case, it was more.

For an already powerful vehicle like the Mustang, you can see how this would be a pretty desirable bolt-on accessory to the discerning collector.

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The Road to Plymouth Township

The decision to supercharge his 2012 GT was a long back-and-forth decision for Jeff. “I loved the car we had built, but a part of me missed my supercharged Terminator Cobra,” Jeff said.

“I kept thinking about buying a Shelby Mustang or a Roush Stage 3, but the more I thought about it, I realized that I loved the car we had.” On a tip from his friend and fellow supercharged-Mustang enthusiast Mint Moore, he called Roush and discovered that he could take the car directly to them to get it supercharged. This method of supercharging gave him a car that was “almost the same horsepower as the Shelby, and [he has] the same horsepower as a Stage 3 Roush for about $15,000 less.”

The last week of April, Jeff and Charlie took their road trip to Plymouth Township, MI, where the Roush facility is located. They took their buddies and fellow Mustang enthusiasts Mint Moore and Anthony Peyton, and made a road trip out of it.

Driving through middle America to make a powerful American vehicle even more powerful? Sal Paradise they ain’t, but our intrepid heroes were on the road…

Next week:

We tour the Roush plant with the gang, go more in-depth with what supercharging can do for a vehicle, and find out what plans Jeff has for his new ride this summer.

For more information about Mustangs, contact Charlie Watson directly at (513) 932-1010 x174 or by email at

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