Ford MyKey: Helping Keep Your Teen Safe

Ford MyKey

MyKey was developed by a Ford employee who wanted to keep his teenage daughter safe while on the road. The MyKey feature is available on nearly all the vehicles in Ford’s lineup.

So what is it?

It is set a keys of your choosing which have driver limitations set on them. These limitations will limit the driver to speeds of 65, 70, 75, or 80mph. The MyKey system also uses the vehicle audio system to sound chimes when the vehicle approaches 45, 55, and 65mph, allowing the driver  to know when they are approaching higher speeds.

Ford also knows that distracted driving is never a good thing. For that reason, MyKey will limit the radio volume to no higher than 44% when a MyKey is in the ignition. The vehicle will also disable the radio if the driver sets off without his or her seat belt buckled. Since fuel economy isn’t something most teenagers think about when driving, the vehicle will also give the low fuel warning at 75mi to empty instead of 50mi. It doesn’t stop there, check out all the features MyKey offers below.


Belt Minder

Top Speed Setting

Screened Radio Content

Earlier Low Fuel Warning

BLIS and Rear Park Aid can’t be disabled

Audio volume limited to 44%

AdvancTrac  system can’t be deactivated

Press Release

Ford has just announced that MyKey is now on more than 6 million vehicles nationwide. You can check out their press release here for more information.

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