MyFord Touch Adds Buttons to New Models

ford capacitive touchscreen pic

Ford makes a habit of listening to its customers when they call for change. Through recent updates,they’ve made their MyFord Touch interface easier to navigate, improved response time and voice recognition, and increased phone compatibility. Every update takes the system another big step forward, but one thing that has stayed the same is the capacitive buttons (pictured in the display above).

What kind of buttons?

These capacitive buttons are part of the display screen that you simply tap to engage. While Ford has introduced more physical buttons on some of their models equipped with MyFord Touch (e.g. Focus, Escape, F-Series), the capacitive buttons are still the norm on the rest of the models.

The big complaint with capacitive buttons is that you can’t feel where they are. It requires some customers to take their eyes off the road and look down to make sure they’re pressing the correct one. Although you can use voice commands to control the same features the buttons do, it has still cost Ford in the J.D. Power & Associates Initial Quality Study.

How can Ford improve their system?

You can draw parallels between what Ford is doing with the MyFord Touch system and how BMW’s iDrive was received when it first came out. BMW took a system that was viewed as complicated and distracting, and ended up revamping the system from consumer feedback. Now, it’s considered one of the best infotainment systems in the industry.

If Ford follows this path, they just might have an industry winner on their hands. 79% of vehicles sold by Ford in the 2013 model year are already equipped with MyFord Touch. This shows that people want the technology and its features. It always takes the bold to take that first step in order to change an industry. You only have to look at Ford’s competitors to realize that MyFord Touch has started a new era in its vehicle segment. Hopefully putting physical buttons back in the vehicles will improve on what’s already been done; we’ll just have to wait and see since Ford hasn’t given us a definite date when the capacitive buttons will be phased out.

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