Ford Equips Police Force With The Best Tech (w/ Video)

police interceptor tech pic

Ford has been the go-to vehicle for police forces across the United States for decades. Now they have another reason to continue that trend: Ford has announced their new Police Interceptor Sedan, which is based off of the new 2014 Taurus.

New Technology for a New Era

This new Interceptor will utilize a surveillance mode. The surveillance mode will utilize pre-existing technology on the vehicle such as the backup camera, cross-traffic alert and reverse park assist. This will help the officer keep a level of awareness around their vehicle that they couldn’t otherwise.

The new surveillance mode, when engaged, will turn on the back up camera and give the officer an increased view of the area behind the vehicle. The cross-traffic and park assist sensors will search out for any objects that might be near the vehicle. When it detects an object approaching it will automatically lock the doors and roll up the windows while alerting the officer. This new technology will be instrumental in the safety of our law enforcement officers.

Make sure to watch the video below to see the new surveillance mode in action and for more information you can click on the Press Release below.

Press Release

Ford Press Release


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