Two Truths and a Lie About the 2015 Mustang

2015 mustang race picture

The forums are abuzz this week as spy shots of the 2015 Ford Mustang, apparently racing one of its ancestors (I think that’s the right terminology), surfaced on Tuesday. So what do we know for sure about America’s favorite performance car?

Codename: S550

The sixth-generation Mustang was caught on August 20, speeding around a track in a race with a current generation Mustang, likely chosen from a pool of its brethren to be sacrificed to the monstrous new car.

There’s not much we can learn for sure from this picture, lest we become part of the already overactive rumor mill. But still we present: Two Truths and a Lie About the 2015 Mustang.

  1. The front end owes a lot to the Ford Evos concept that everyone got pretty hot and bothered about for a second in 2011. Out of the current (real) lineup, the similarity is most striking to the Taurus front end, but they may tweak it to be a little more Fusion-y before release.
  2. Ford is getting a little bit more confident about the design, or I doubt they’d be willing to carelessly let a half-covered Mustang out on the track where people are. One of the rules of the modern age is that someone, wherever you are, has a camera and is taking pictures. Big companies know this (and Ford is a big company; it’s NYSE symbol is just the letter “F”, which is basically OG status among publicly traded stocks), and there’s no reason Ford would decide to get lazy about the promotion of the Mustang, of all vehicles.
  3. This car is currently going through what Alan Mullaly calls “Project: Delta City“, in which a vehicle is killed in the line of duty (this would have been a 2013 Mustang, possibly a GT), and it is being salvaged by the company liable for it to become a supercar in the pursuit of justice, law, order, and an all-around safer Old Detroit.

Okay, Fine, We’ll Join the Rumor Mill Anyway

Word on the street is that this new Mustang is even lighter than previous generations, possibly shedding up to 400 pounds from the frame. The model line is expected to include the GT, the base edition, and a possible turbocharged 2.3L/4cyl version as a sort of middle ground between the two for the Euro market.

There will in all probability be no Shelby version of this Mustang, as Ford and Shelby have parted ways so Shelby American can make their own high-performance Mustangs, but there will most likely be a high-end variant using one of Ford’s old nameplates.

If you’re looking for the current Mustang, or you want to know more about the high-performance Mustangs coming down the line, call Charlie Watson, our ROUSH Performance manager at (513) 932-1010.

Photo Credit: KGP Photography

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