Everything You Need to Know About The MyFord Touch Update v3.6

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Ford is continuing their commitment to enhancing the MyFord Touch user experience with the latest update: version 3.6. So how do you get it and what will it come with?

v3.6 Highlights

This new version of MyFord Touch is the fifth update since the system’s unveiling. Here are some of the new features to improve your driving experience:

  • New Voice menu layout to help users know what voice commands they can use
  • Touch zones for the four menu options have been increased to include the entire quadrant
  • Auto-Phonebook Download has been improved
  • Enhancements to the Navigation System such as; Where Am I? button, improved auto correct when entering in a destination, Travel Link traffic incident pop-up, Navigation is now backwards compatible to except the A3 SD Card along with the A4 SD Card.
  • Phone pairing improved through simplifying the pop-ups
  • Entertainment quadrant now includes improved metadata to display song and artist info

How to Install Your v3.6 Update

Ford owners with MyFord Touch vehicles will receive a letter in the mail from Ford Motor Company indicating to them that there is an update available for download. Owners can access this update by going to syncmyride.com and logging into their account. Once you’re in, the system will tell you there is an update and where to click to download it. You’ll want plug an empty flash drive into your computer and download the update onto that.

Once the file is on the flash drive, go to your vehicle. Make sure the vehicle is turned on with the engine running and is not in accessory mode, then plug the flash drive into the vehicle’s USB port. The installation will begin automatically and a message prompt will pop up on the screen shortly after. Make sure you press “OK” on the prompt in order to begin the installation. Make sure the vehicle is in a well-ventilated area and there is no tall grass under the vehicle that could prevent it from breathing.

Installation Time: 30 minutes

MyFord Touch v3.6 Guide

If you experience any trouble with the guide above, please visit MyFord Touch v3.6 Guide for the complete text for the update guide.

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  • ahmad mohammadi

    Dear my friend,
    I have a ford edge limited 2011 which have problem
    with mp3 playing on the system (My Ford Touch). the problem is after
    each turn off and then turn on the vehicle the music player resets and
    play from the beginning.
    may i ask you to help me to solve the problem.
    Thank you

  • Mohammad Aldaboubi

    dear sir by mistake i have down grade my sync2 v3.6 of my ford 2014 energy to gen2 v3.08 can you send me the last sync2 update thanks