Dayton is the Safest City in Ohio for Drivers

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Allstate has released their 9th Annual List of Safest Driving Cities in America, and Dayton is the highest-ranking city in Ohio.

Allstate Rankings

Allstate’s metrics for each city include Population Rank (i.e. how many people live in a given city, compared with others. New York is first, then Los Angeles, then Chicago, &c.), Most Recent Population Estimate, Average Years Between Accidents, Relative Accident Likelihood (in relation to national average), the 2013 Best Driver Rank, 2012 Best Driver Rank, and the change from 2012-2013.

Local Stats

Dayton was the highest-ranked city in Ohio, placing at 34th out of 194. It ranks 177th in terms of population, with an estimated 141359. The average span between accidents in Dayton for one driver is 11 years, which is -9.3% of the national average. The national average is somewhere between Lancaster CA at 10 years between accidents and Grand Rapids MI also at 10 years, but for a higher population. The downside is that Dayton¬†was ranked 18th last year, so it’s taken almost a 100% dive.

Cincinnati and Columbus did not do well. Cincinnati is the 66th ranked city in terms of population, and it clocked in at 115th place, with 9 years between accidents, putting it 11.5% above the national average. It moved up two spaces from last year, when it was ranked 117th. Columbus is the 15th largest city in terms of population, and it fell four spots from 135 to 139 this year. It is 21.1% above the national average with 8.3 years between accidents.

Stay Safe on the Roads

Safe driving is all about paying attention, and there are a few easy ways to maintain your focus.

  • Instead of reaching for your iPod at the end of every song, make a playlist beforehand that you won’t have to skip through. If you’ve got Pandora or Spotify, make use of the playlists they generate.
  • Apply make-up before you leave or after you get there, not while you’re driving.
  • If your car has an infotainment/hands-free phone system, learn how to use it to the best of your ability. Being able to touch a button on the wheel and say “Call Mom” is a lot easier than trying to dial while you’re in traffic.
  • Make sure you keep your vehicle well-maintained. If you have a blowout on the road or run out of gas, you can become a hazard to other drivers, or you can put yourself in a dangerous situation while walking alongside the road.

Here’s hoping we can all improve on the results for next year!

Read the full text of Allstate’s report below.

Allstate Safest Driving Cities Report 2013

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