EcoBoost Engine Turns 2,000,000

2 mil ecoboost pic

Okay, so that’s misleading. The EcoBoost engine is still 1,999,996 years away from that milestone, but Ford Motor Company did make their 2-millionth engine in Louisville KY this past week. The 2.0L inline four-cylinder was under the hood of a new Escape. Click through to read more.

Always Improving on Everyone’s Favorite Engine

The EcoBoost is one of Ford’s most popular engine options. The 1.0L version was awarded the International Engine of the Year distinction from automotive journalists from the around the world the past two years running. Ford has big plans for their EcoBoosts, intending to double production of the 1.0L in Germany and moving production of their 2.0L to Cleveland OH.

There are five models of EcoBoost that run the gamut from a 1.0 to a 3.5 V6, and they have been wildly popular. Ford’s statistics state that 90% of Escape buyers in North America opted for the EcoBoost when buying their new vehicle.

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