So Your Ford Vehicle Buttons Aren’t Working… Now What?

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Recently, we have seen some owners experience an inability to access radio and phone functions through their vehicle’s electronics. These problems include: not being able to access media devices connected through USB or Line-In (instead the vehicle will kick them back to AM or FM); the vehicle may also not grant you access to the Phone menu which would inhibit you from preforming a Master Reset to resolve the situation. See below for some easy solutions.

So What Exactly is the Problem?

If you are of the few that are experiencing these problems, there aren’t a lot of solutions on the table for you to choose from due to the Master Reset being located in the System Settings menu. This makes a reboot of the system impossible. So that leaves a Hard Reset and a trip to the your local Ford Service station.

Hard Reset

The Hard Reset involves the removal of the negative terminal on the battery and leaving it off for five minutes. We like to recommend a Hard Reset be done by a Ford-Certified Service Technician for liability reasons, and the same goes for pulling fuses. While it may seem simple to do, it does clear out any codes that a Service Technician may need to read when running their diagnostic. So the situation may be fixed on the surface, but the underlying causes may still exist and those codes that could have told the technician the proper resolution needed are nowhere to be found.

Service Visit

With that said, the best option would be to take the vehicle into your local Ford Service station. From there, the Service Technician will be able to run the proper diagnostics on the vehicle and have access to all the codes the vehicle kicks back to him. Those codes will help him properly isolate the situation within the system. He can then utilize the appropriate resolution to resolve the situation you’re experiencing in a timely manner.

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