Ford Wants You To Stop Worrying About Perpendicular Parking

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The dreaded parallel park has been a maneuver that many of us have feared since we took our driving test. Automakers have helped alleviate the anxiety of parallel parking by offering Park Assist features. Ford addressed this problem with it’s introduction of it’s own automated parking technology in 2009. More recently, Ford has been working on a new technology to help make parking even easier.


Computers: Not Just for Parallel Parking Anymore

Ford has been working on a vision for car-to-car communication to help avoid accidents and Traffic Jam Assist which is designed to help with congestion. They’re clearly no stranger when it comes to using technology to solve our daily driving woes. However, Ford is taking a look back to the task of parking and has set out to improve on a parking problem we didn’t think existed: perpendicular parking. For those of you wondering, “What’s perpendicular parking? That sounds difficult,” it’s literally just parking like a normal person, in a normal space.

While the perpendicular park is usually an easy one, there are occasions where it becomes tricky. For example, say you’re in a parking garage and the only spot you can find is between two vehicles. While you could easily get your car in there, getting out of the car is another matter entirely and climbing out your moon roof is never anybody’s favorite option.

The beauty of the technology Ford has been successfully demonstrating, which you’ll see in the video below, is in this situation you don’t have to be in the vehicle when it parks. So when your vehicle alerts you that a parking spot has been found, you can simply exit the vehicle and it will take it from there. When you’re returning to your vehicle it will be able to move out of the spot on its own, allowing you entry.

I only hope they try and utilize this technology on the F-series trucks. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had trouble navigating a truck into a tight parking space.


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