The 2015 Mustang: Facts and Predictions

red mustang preview pic

Ford Motor Company has said that the ground-up redesign of the Ford Mustang will be unveiled in December of this year, well ahead of its projected reveal at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2014. Next week, select automotive journalists (not including yours truly, unfortunately) will be invited up to Dearborn to see the vehicle for themselves, under agreement of an embargo.

But we all know how easily automotive embargoes get broken. Let’s look at what to expect:

Early Predictions

In the last couple weeks, there have been several renderings of the 2015 Mustang popping up online from enthusiasts. Particularly this one (described as “the best rendering of the 2015 Ford Mustang yet” by Jalopnik) by Mustang6G user chazcron, and this one, by artist Josiah LaColla (pictured above), based on chazcron’s renders. Both these illustrations are based on the actual CAD (Computer-assisted Design) images of the Mustang, coupled with previous spy shots of the vehicle.

LaColla’s renders are the ones fans are tending to flock to for two reasons. First, compared to the first renders, LaColla’s add a lot of much-missed muscle to the pony car. Second, LaColla’s rendering history is impeccable: his last renders turned out to be very accurate previews of the LaFerrari (I assume the “LaName” trend is accidental, but who knows).

What We Already Know

  • The 2015 model will be the first all-over redesign of the one of the flagship cars of the brand since 2005.
  • There were previously some spy shots that have popped up a lot of different places, including this humble blog.
  • The grille seems to have been based on the 2013 redesign of the Fusion, which says to this blogger that Ford may be going the Jeep route to try and consolidate their front-ends into one recognizable iteration. (Have you ever seen a Jeep that DIDN’T have the classic O | | | | O design?)

What We Think We Know

  • The pony will be lighter than ever before, ergo also more fuel efficient. This will make it easier to make it a daily driver for someone who loves the styling and performance but can’t quite stomach the 19/29 city/hwy mpg of the 2014 base model (although, as a guy who’s lucky to get 28 combined out of his junker, I’m a little jealous).
  • It will feature the Coyote 5.0L V8 engine, or some descendant engine of a 5.0L V8 nature, with the current 3.7L V6 remaining the base model.
  • Smaller models will most likely feature a 2.3L four-cylinder EcoBoost, because the EcoBoost engine is the best engine around.
  • The car will feature some louvered taillights and a more pronounced fastback styling, with less angularity than the current model and more curves. Presumably, it is because this is the first time the Mustang will be heavily promoted worldwide instead of just to the home crowd.

What We Still Want to Know

  • For the love of god, man, just let us SEE the thing! We’re salivating.
  • Will it feature more integration of Ford’s EVOS concept?
  • Will there finally be a four-door or station wagon package option? I am all over a station wagon Mustang like butter on popcorn, but I am quite sure I am in a largely voiceless minority.

Wrap It Up

There’s still a lot of questions that Ford hasn’t answered, presumably because they’re smarter than the average bear and they’re playing their cards close to the chest. A December reveal would let them play up things we’ve already heard at the Detroit Auto Show as well as focussing on other things, be they new softwares and programs or new options packages. An October leak gives them all the free press leading up to the December reveal that they could ever dream of, which is, I assume, at least one of the reasons to hold this embargo’d press reveal next week. Sometimes a leak isn’t an accident.

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