Check Your Tire Pressure Like a Hipster

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We’ve grown to accept Apple as the provider of every new device we’ll get six months from now, the iPhone obviously being at the forefront of these turn-arounds. We use our iPhones for nearly everything; talking, looking at pictures of cats, checking email, taking pictures of food, getting directions, selfies in a dirty mirror … did I mention cats? One thing the iPhone hasn’t been able to do is check your tire pressure. Until now (cue dramatic music)!

TireCheck to the Rescue!

Now you can be the coolest person at the gas station with the TireCheck app. Laugh at all those who crawl on the concrete with their weird growing pen tools they have to shove into their tires like neanderthals. Now you can save your favorite corduroys and skinny jeans from the greasy, highway gas station parking lot. The way the app works is simple: make sure there are no obstructions around your vehicle’s tires such as other vehicles, curbs, or that pack of wild cats onto whose turf you just wandered. Seriously, feral gas station cat gangs are a thing and you need to be careful.

Once you have the vehicle perfectly parked, take out your iPhone (cue “unholster” sound), aim the camera at your tire and snap the picture. The app will help you get the tire at the correct distance and angle. Once you’ve taken a picture of all four tires, the app will let you know if you need air in your tires, or at least whether or not you have enough air to escape those rapidly approaching cats. They look like they mean business. (cue West Side Story songs meowed by feral cats)

Tutorial Video

Make sure to watch the video tutorial below to see the app in action.

h/t: Lifehacker

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