#MustangInspires Drivers Before December Reveal

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Yesterday, Ford Mustang’s official YouTube channel, FordMustang, announced the big reveal date of the 2015 Mustang will be December 5. To celebrate the reveal, and the 50-year history of America’s favorite pony car, they’ve started a social campaign: #MustangInspires. Check below for more details.

Inspiring People for Six Generations

Since its debut in 1963, the Mustang has become a favorite of car enthusiasts and casual fans alike, appearing in films, works of art, and comic books. To celebrate all the ways that Mustangs inspire people to embrace life to the fullest, Ford has launched the #MustangInspires campaign. What you do is this:

  • Find something that inspires you– It could be a piece of art, an incredible sunset, a particularly fun patch of road, your best friend, or your favorite pony car. Inspiration comes from everywhere, if you’re looking.
  • Take a picture, or compose a few short sentences about it.
  • Tweet/Facebook/Instagram your inspiration and tag it with #MustangInspires.
  • Check www.mustanginspires.com to check out what other people are saying about their inspirations.

The Art of the Mustang

Mustang is also releasing a series of short films on their YouTube channel in the lead-up to the public release of the 2015 Mustang. We already know pretty much what the Mustang will look like, but these videos will hopefully help us find out what the Mustang will feel like.

The first in the series is by Karen Grubb, and honestly, it’s sort of… underwhelming? The Mustang’s trunk and steering wheel make cameo appearances, while a woman (presumably Grubb?) and her boyfriend go on a date to the beach in Africa (there are zebras, after all) and someone films them filming themselves, which is also very weird. The whole thing feels like your best friend’s ex-girlfriend’s Instagram come to life, and it ends in the middle of a line in the song they use. I mean, at least give us a musical resolve, Mustang. It feels like I held in a sneeze.

And while the Mustang is an excellent daily driver, and perfectly suited for taking a romantic trip for two to an apparently private beach, this video misses the big point of the Mustang: it’s crazy fun to drive.

Daily Driver Doesn’t Mean Drab Driver

The Mustang lifestyle is a wide swath of life. After all, the very first Mustang was sold to a young schoolteacher, who was presumably also the coolest person any of her students had ever met. The Mustang isn’t just a super fun car, it’s a super fun car you can drive every day.

I like where Mustang is taking this campaign, putting it in the hands of Mustang lovers the world over. I just hope that the next few videos they make remind people how much fun it is to have that many horses under the hood.

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