Official: 2015 Ford Mustang Leaked in Autoweek [Photos]

2015 ford mustang image

Yes, ‘Stang fans, there is a Santa Claus.

The Leak We All Knew Was Coming

The 2015 Mustang was revealed to journalists last month, and in anticipation of its official reveal on Good Morning America Thursday, Autoweek magazine’s issue cover dated December 9, 2013, is going to have a sizable feature on the car. Luckily, some intrepid Mustang fans at got a hold of the images early.

UPDATE: Chief Storyteller Nick Philpott sat down with our ROUSH Performance Manager and resident Mustang Fanatic Charlie Watson to get his thoughts on the new model. His comments will be listed below in italics and quotes.

2015 Ford Mustang Profile

“This is the most exciting shot, to me, because it illustrates the desperately-needed weight loss. Plus, it looks like it’ll have a shorter wider stance, so I’m real happy about that.”

I’m a fan. They kept the fastback styling and managed to make it a little more streamlined, adding muscle but not necessarily bulk. If the last few years of Mustangs have been the Incredible Hulk, this one is more along the lines of Spider-Man. Lithe and powerful.

2015 Mustang: The Rear.

2015 ford mustang rear image

“This is the shot that makes me wonder if these are real pictures or just concepts. I’m not a fan of the two-tone diffuser, and I’m not sure they’d actually do that. It looks aggressive, though, and I like that. I just wish the diffuser was all black.”

They’ve really done some work on the rear of the car. The hips are broader, the taillights are new and diagonal, and if you’ll allow me a moment– dat diffuser. Some may think that makes it look like a Hot Wheels car, I think it makes it look like a racing car. To each his own.

2015 Mustang: The Interior.

2015 ford mustang interior pic

“LOVE it. There’s a lot of awesome upgrades going on here inside the car… The gauge cluster looks very retro, but it still leaves a lot of room for Ford’s latest and greatest features. Big fan.”

I’m less than thrilled with the interior shown here. It looks… incredibly busy. The shifter looks a little to ostentatious for me, as opposed to the sort of subtle ones on recent models, and all the dials and gauges between the air conditioning vents…

Plus, there’s just no room for a MyFord Touch system in there. You’re driving a Mustang, have a little fun with the driving, and less fun fiddling with the radio.

2015 Mustang: The Hero Shot.

2015 ford mustang autoweek image

And there she is in her full glory.

“I’m not upset with the Fusion references on the front end that a lot of people seem to be taking issue with. It looks very muscular, which is good. Still not sure about the grille, though. There’s too much of the open honeycomb look. The tri-bar LEDs are awesome, and I’m a huge fan of the power dome hood. This is a heck of a car.”

I don’t know why I love the three diagonal bars on the headlights, but dang, I totally do. There’re hints here of the Mustang’s past as well as indications of Ford’s future in terms of vehicle design. I’m a fan of the whole package, and I can’t wait until Thursday to find out what the tech specs will be.

What do you think of the 2015? What is it missing that you wanted? What pleasant surprises have you noticed?

All images courtesy Nick Philpott contributed to this article.

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