Who is Charlie Watson?

Do you really know anything about who you’re dealing with on a daily basis? As I watch endless TV commercials blasting $99 per month, $10,000 off, or the “best prices in town,” I rarely see a businesses talking about who they are. Of course, the financial aspect of a deal is a very important part. However, I believe that there are a lot of other things to consider when picking your dealer. Who are they? Why do they do what they do? What do they stand for? These questions will help you determine whether or not this business or individual will be there should an issue arise. I have a passion for the path I’m on and thought I would take some time to tell who I am.

My wife and I starting dating when we were 13 years old and have been together ever since! Ten years after she passed me that little note, we got married at Devou Park in Cincinnati, OH. Two years later, we welcomed our first baby into the world. On October 25th, 2015, Mark Bannon Watson was born – 6 lbs. 5 oz. He came three weeks early!

Watson family
Watson famly, 2015

I am the third generation of the Watson family to work in the car business and in this building (Lebanon Ford)! My grandpa owned Charlie Watson Ford for 25+ years and ultimately inspired my career to follow in his foot steps.

Charlie and grandpa
Charlie with his grandpa after selling him an 2015 F-150

Katie and I both attended Lakota West High School and graduated in 2008. After that, Katie headed to the University of Cincinnati and I moved south to Cleveland, TN. After a long and dramatic freshman year, Katie and I decided that long distance was no fun. She joined me at Lee University where we both graduated. My degree is in Business Administration and Katie’s is in Math Education.

Why the automotive industry?
I am a car nut and I love meeting new people! Growing up around the car business has had me hooked since I was a little boy!

Charlie Race car
Charlie in dealer sponsored race car 1998

Performance cars are my passion; that and the opportunity to meet new people every day causes me to enjoy my job very much! I have created some of my greatest friendships through the process of helping people find a vehicle that works for them and their families. As I previously wrote, my grandfather has been the driving inspiration for my career in the auto industry. I used to dream of the days that he would call me and ask if I’d like to ride into work with him. I remember wishing so bad that I was just old enough to work at Charlie Watson Ford. Now that I’m here, it’s even better than I could have imagined.

What is my job?
I remember the week I was given the opportunity to move up from my position washing cars to finally start my career in sales, it was thirty days before my eighteenth birthday. On a beautiful summer day, my grandpa called me as he usually did to check in. He asked me, “What is your job?”

So excited, I was finally able to reply, “To sell cars!” He informed me that I was wrong. So confused, I joked “well, that’s what my shiny new business card says I do.” I learned a very important lesson that day. He told me that my job was to identify and solve my customers problems. He explained that I was not in the car business but instead, the people business. The fact that I get to play with brand new cars all day, well that’s just a bonus. I learned that if I focused my energy on solving my customers problems, that mine would be solved. I take that approach to my job to this day.

I plan to spend my entire working career in the automotive industry. My dream is to learn every aspect of the dealer business structure and one day open my own Ford dealership! You can connect with me on Facebook by CLICKING HERE!

Charlie watson plate
Front plate taken off of a vehicle that was purchased new from Charlie Watson Ford back in 2005.