LFP: 727 HP Mustang’s Spotted At Drag Strip With 30-Day Tags

Scott’s LFP 727 HP GT at drag strip

Lebanon Ford Performance – Customers are wasting no time putting our monsters to the test at drag strips all over the country. Scott’s car is shown above prepping for take off as he smokes the rear tires. We couldn’t help but smile as we see our temporary tag peaking through the white smoke. These guys are buying our LFP Mustang’s for the fun and shear performance. Not for prestige, nostalgia, or to collect dust in the garage. They are simply buying them because they want to “go real fast.” The picture above confirms that, and we couldn’t be more happy. As we’ve said many times before, we love working with the elite status that comes with Shelby and ROUSH Stage cars. However, we are also showing attention to a group who hasn’t had an option like this for decades, and that is a very rewarding feeling.

Purcell 2
Scott’s LFP 727 preparing to stage

Scott – Just like many of our customers, Scott is no stranger to performance. He told us that he’s been a performance nut for as long as he can remember. As a kid, he dreamed of tearing up the street in the famed Eleanor 67′ Shelby. You know, the one we all drooled over in Gone In 60 Seconds. He never scored a date with Eleanor, but after getting a job at a Ford dealership, he traded his Ford Probe on a 1999 Mustang GT. To him, that 4.6L beast felt like the fastest car in the world. Scott later purchased an 03′ Procharged Mach 1. That’s when he got the “bug”, and after feeling the power of that car, he lived at the track. Last May, Scott bought a 2015 GT, which of course, didn’t stay stock. Some tasteful, visual upgrades were done as well as your standard bolt on’s. He loved the car but decided it was time to make a move after his best friend sent him a link to our “727 HP GT for $39,995” promotion. Thanks Luis! ;)

We do recommend a minimum of upgraded half shafts before hard-launching the car on a sticky tire. Scott is working on learning the car, and is taking it easy until he can make the proper, track focused upgrades to safely deliver his power to the ground. He did inform us that he has upgraded half shafts and IRS bushings planned for the immediate future. Once he makes his upgrades, and begins launching properly, we will have some 1/4 times to share!

The entire LFP team would like to take a moment to thank Scott for driving all the way from Johnstown, NY to do business with us. Stay safe and have fun!

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