LFP: 727 HP for $39k To Appear on Velocity TV


Lebanon Ford Performance – It’s amazing what can happen when you mix passion with a little “outside the box” thinking. Lebanon Ford Performance has been written about in over twenty national/international publications, in several languages, and all over the world. Our entire team has had a blast riding this performance wave, and we have a feeling it’s about to get a lot bigger. Days after our story blew up on Yahoo News, The Drive, and Road and Track Magazine, we received a phone call inviting us to the BORLA facility in Bristol, TN. We were asked to feature our “727 HP GT for $39,995” on Velocity TV! Once we received the green light, our bags were packed and our 727 HP monster was on the trailer. With our LIFTED F-150 pointed South, we started our journey Bristol.

Ryan Donahue (ROUSH Tech) and Charlie Watson (Performance Manager) being interviewed.

The entire experience was a blast. We started by filming an interview for Performance TV. They asked Ryan technical questions as to how the package was built. In his response, he illustrated the benefits of the ROUSH Superchargers and all the supporting hardware required to bring the beast to life. They then asked me “how on Earth” we managed to create such a monster at a price below $40,000. After we talked the talk, it was time for the walk. We shot our next video segment with the Mustang on Borla’s in-house dyno.

LFP 727 on BORLA’s dyno

Now…for the question on everyone’s mind: what numbers did we put down? Of course, you’ll have to tune into Performance TV to find out! We are scheduled for several appearances this month and exact air dates will be released as we receive them. Thanks so much to everyone for their support and interest in our promotion!

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