LFP: Supercharged Mustang Review


Lebanon Ford Performance – Well…the last few months have been a blur. Through thousands of phone calls, we have managed to help people all over the country build the car of their dreams. The 727 HP for $39,995 promotion has been one to remember and there are very few experiences in my life that have been more rewarding. The response that we have received from this is the very reason that I love my job. People are just…excited, and I am extremely proud to say that I am one of them. For the past two weeks, and one thousand miles, I have been exploring the new world that comes with owning a 670+ horsepower LFP GT. This is my seventh car powered by the famed 5.0L Coyote, so I am no stranger to the performance and behavior of the engine. However, this car…is something different. It doesn’t drive like a more powerful 5.0, it drives like a new car entirely.


Wide Open Throttle – This feeling was foreign to me before now. With the hours of seat time in these cars, I’ve never really put one to the test. Sure, I’ve felt the instant surge of power from the TVS springing to life, but only for a moment. I’ve just never been able to truly enjoy a car, unless my name was on the title. Now that I have that chance, it’s absolutely amazing. The NITTO’s I’m running are a definite improvement from the PZero’s on my 15′. However, they still don’t stand a chance under full throttle. I learned that after blistering the concrete tonight, attempting to deliver full power in first gear. Tattooing the pavement with two 10″ lines, I couldn’t believe the power I felt. I was some what startled by the explosive scream of full throttle and before I knew it, first gear was gone. Frantically, I grabbed for second, and then third. The revs climbed more like a sport bike than a muscle car. Seconds later, it was over. Snapping back to reality, the revs dropped and the beast calmed. I took a deep breath and sat in silence for about ten seconds before reacting in the only way I knew how; laughing. It was just awesome. Lol.


Torque…everywhere – As amazing as the experience above was, I almost enjoy what I call “responsible power” even more. You know, the feeling of having insane levels of usable torque, all the time. During my commute home, I spent some time exploring my new power band. It’s such an awesome feeling to experience the rush of boost coming to the rescue in fifth gear, at 40 MPH, on a hill. My 15′ had no problem climbing that same hill, but this car was just begging to fly. Down shifting is almost never needed, regardless of the gear or situation.


Drivability – One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is: “are they usable every day.” The answer to that question is absolutely. That’s what makes these cars so special. Thanks to the expert tuning delivered by ROUSH, the car behaves like a stock GT under normal driving conditions. No irregular revs, no surging, no bucking. Just smooth, consistent power.

BIG Power, Stock suspension and brakes!? – This is another hot topic. We have had a ton of people question the fact that we are delivering such large horsepower numbers without upgraded suspension and brakes. Is this a purpose built race car? Absolutely not. If you plan to spend time in a track environment of any kind, there are several upgrades that are needed. The two most popular are of course, half-shafts and billet oil pump gears, both of which we recommend before heading to the track. From there, the options are endless. The greatest part is the fact that 727 HP for $39,995 is only the beginning. If you plan to track your car, we will build a car that is capable of that. If you simply want a high horsepower, street cruising, beast, we can do that as well. At Lebanon Ford Performance, we place the customer in the drivers seat of their build.

Final Thoughts – The car is just outstanding in every way. No matter if I’m in traffic or on the highway, it is just as comfortable as a stock GT. However, while in boost, the car feels nothing like the standard car. At LFP, we’ve combined super car power, with daily driver comfort, and squeezed it all into a blue collar price. Whether you’re looking for a base GT with a supercharger, or a purpose built track car, I can confidently say that we can build it. And we will.

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