NMRA Super National’s Victory

Shotwell race
Casey launching his LFP 670 HP GT

Lebanon Ford Performance – Another LFP customer was spotted having fun at a the drag strip last week end, but this wasn’t “test and tune” at the local track. No, Casey decided to make the two hour journey from his home in Franklin to Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio. Why? He was going to participate in the legendary NMRA Super National’s 2016. Not only did he participate, he won.

The Event – Casey competed in the Street Class (12 Second bracket). In order to participate in this class, the driver must take the car on a thirty mile cruise that ends with pulling right onto the track, and into the staging lanes. The rules forbid the driver opening the hood or having excessive time to let the car cool. Once staged, his objective was not to pump out the best time that the car was capable of. This was a competition of performance but also one of precision and control. His objective; to run the absolute best time he could while staying within 12.0 – 12.99. The competition takes the average of three runs to determine the winner. Casey ran a 12.02, a 12.09, and a 11.97 to deliver an average of 12.029, making him the NMRA Street Class – 12 Second winner! 

Shotwell victory
Casey receiving his plaque in “victory lane”

The Car – Casey is running one of our LFP 670 HP ROUSH Supercharged GT’s. He was lucky enough to take his home before the “727 hp for $39,995” promotion exploded. He opted for Phase 1 with warranty. After driving the car for a few days, he started building his plan. He knew that he wanted to track the car, so his first step was upgraded half-shafts. Casey opted for the 1400 hp rating from The Drive Shaft Shop. From there, he added a Ford Racing X pipe, carbon fiber drive shaft, Viking shocks, and BMR vertical links. He also swapped his 3.73 gear for a 3.31. His wheel of choice is a 20 x 11 Forgestar wrapped in a 315/35 NITTO Nto5 R tire. His personal best time with the current set up is an 11.4 @ 123 MPH!

Shotwell plaque
12 second winner!

The Driver – It seems that we’ve developed a pattern here, but Casey is no stranger to performance. His dad raced a 67′ Mustang throughout the 1970’s and later converted it into a show car that Casey drooled over as a kid and still owns to this day. His older brothers started the next generation strong, racing their foxbodies. When it was Casey’s turn to strap into the drivers seat, he pointed the nose of his 95′ Cobra down the track, and away he went. He’s enjoyed “high performance toys” ever since and told us that it’s just “in his blood.” Casey does a lot of custom paint work for our builds. He is a painter at our partner body shop, Liberty Collsion. We make it go, and they make it show! Casey is just getting started on his beast. His near future plans include a 79 mm pulley, bigger fuel injectors, VMP fuel pump booster, and a custom tune from Palm Beach Dyno. His ultimate goal is to maintain drive-ability while getting the car to run “deep into the 10’s.” With this fantastic platform, we are more than confident that he will achieve that goal, and we are excited to watch!

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