LFP: 727 HP GT Featured In Muscle Machines Magazine

Muscle Machine Cover

Lebanon Ford Performance – is no stranger to the national spot light as our “727 HP GT for $39,995” promotion has been featured in mainstream national publications such as Yahoo News, The Drive, MSN, and Road and Track Magazine. Seeing our monster in prestigious outlets like those has been amazing. However, a feeling just as special came when Bob approached me at Dayton Cars and Coffee to show me what he stumbled into when reading his latest issue of Muscle Machines Magazine. This magazine doesn’t draw quite the crowd that Yahoo News does but it’s pretty awesome when true automotive enthusiasts are covering this phenomenon of a deal, born right here at Lebanon Ford Performance.

Muscle Machine story

Muscle Machines didn’t get every detail correct but we are honored to have our LFP 727 featured in their magazine. There are a couple corrections we would like to note. First, they quote the warranty coverage as “three year – 30,000 mile warranty.” Our 727 HP Phase 2 GT actually delivers a 3 year, 36,000 mile Parts-Only Limited Warranty. Our 670 HP Phase 1 GT sports the same parts coverage but adds a 3 year, 36,000 mile ROUSH Power Train Warranty as well. More coverage in Phase 1, more power in Phase 2, same price! Read more about our options. The next quote we’d like to address is: “they can also ship one of their Mustangs to your local Ford dealer.” We will do you one better! We handle the entire transaction here at LFP and can ship the vehicle to any public place (with ample space) near your home.


If there is one area that Muscle Machine’s hit a home run with, it’s our mission. We are working around the clock to establish LFP as your national performance destination. If you simply want a base GT with a supercharger, we will build it. If you want a purpose built, track monster, we will build it! The concept behind our promotion is simple – “if you can imagine it, we will build it!”

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