LFP: 727 HP GT Screams at 140+ MPH

Scott’s LFP Supercharged GT Screaming at 140+ MPH

Lebanon Ford Performance – is building supercharged GT’s for people all over the country and we have gotten some pretty amazing feedback from customers of all kinds. We have had several customers comment on how smooth the car is when used as a daily driver and we’ve had others tell us how insane it performs. No matter what you’re purpose, our ROUSH Supercharged GT’s seem to get the job done!

Purcell stanging

Supercharger Whine – Depending on who you ask, you’ll get different opinions on this subject. Some will say that the supercharger should be as quiet as possible so that it does not rob attention from that iconic V8 sound. Others love to hear as much whine as possible. It is evident that Ford put a lot of work into sound deadening technology on the S550, the car is very quiet from inside the cabin. If you’re outside however, well…you’re going to hear it.


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