ROUSH Hand Delivers More Powerful TUNE to LFP!

ROUSH calibration 2
ROUSH Technicians tuning LFP 727 “Yellow Haze”

Lebanon Ford Performance – It seems that we are pumping out more ROUSH supercharged GT’s than any one else in the nation. Throughout this journey, we have been asked several times why we remain exclusive to ROUSH Performance. There are other companies out there that offer forced induction options that could help supplement the huge demand that we see growing every day. The answer to that question is simple: they are the best.

We have found that ROUSH Performance offers the greatest balance of power, reliability, and drive-ability. From there, there is no arguing the prestige that comes with dealing with a company that does R&D for Ford Motor Company and the US Military. This is no mom and pop speed shop on the side of the highway. ROUSH specializes in case study, manufacturing, prototyping, testing/development, and of course; engineering. Through those services, they cater to oil and gas, entertainment, defense, transportation, aero-space, and alternative fuel markets. Their massive operation employs over 4,000 people all over the world. This gives ROUSH the resources required to develop cutting edge technology that dominates the performance market. All of that combined with the winning-est name in American racing history, makes ROUSH the clear winner in our book.

roush calibration

Being involved in such high level dealings has given ROUSH the tools to deliver customer service like we’ve never seen before. ROUSH has recently developed and released an upgraded calibration for our famed LFP 727 hp GT. Not only did they provide these calibrations to us, they hand delivered them. That’s right, two ROUSH Performance technicians left Michigan around 5:00 this morning for a 10:00 a.m arrival to LFP. After a quick tour and introduction to our team, they got to work. They helped us calibrate some LFP 727’s that are scheduled to be shipped to new homes all over the United States. Needless to say, we got a ton of work done today! Stay tuned as we will be taking this new and improved tune to a dyno next week! Looking forward to seeing what she puts down!


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