LFP: 1,397 HP High School Reunion

Frey and Wood
Bob and Brian proudly standing between their LFP Supercharged Mustangs. 

Lebanon Ford Performance – This story of “two car buddies” started long before their ownership of LFP Supercharged Mustangs. In fact, their friendship started back in high school. While hanging out at Cars and Coffee this morning, Brian told me stories of him riding his bike five miles to Bob’s house to race slot cars. These two car nuts maintained their friendship and both graduated from Beavercreek High School in 1974.

As most of us can relate, they were both swept away by the current of professional life and went their separate ways. In fact, they don’t remember seeing each other at all until two years ago. After forty years, it was obvious that they not only shared a passion for performance but had very similar styles as well. Brian and Bob were shocked to discover that they owned the same car in the same color! Both Shelby GT500’s – Bob had a 2007 coupe and Brian had a 2008 convertible.

bob frey
Bob and Brian’s Shelby GT500’s

They have since parted ways with their Shelbys. However, they still drive the same car in the same color! This time, matching LFP Supercharged GT’s. Brian went with a Phase 1, 670 HP GT and Bob chose the 727 HP Phase 2. Although Bob took his home first, he did admit that the idea came from Brian filling him in on our viral 727 HP for $39,995 promotion. Bob took the lead when he stopped by LFP during our 52nd Birthday party for the Ford Mustang.

Bob Frey Brian Wood

The moment that Bob decided he needed one of our monsters was actually caught in a picture. I was in the showroom snapping a shot of my personal, Comp Orange GT and Bob photo bombed!  You can see it all over his face, he was ready to build! We don’t know where this rediscovered friendship will take them. However, we do know that they will head down that path in style!

Bob dreaming of his own LFP 727 HP GT


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