Wheel Offset Explained

Offset Explained

If you are looking to get a new set of wheels and tires there are a couple things you should look into.

First, what look are you going for?  Do you like the old school look, small wheel and big tire.

What about the new look?  Big rim, big lip, and smaller tire.

Because there are so many options, I wanted to dig a little deeper to save you both time and energy searching through the thousands of wheel options.

First lets talk offset.  Do you want your wheel to stick out or stay under the truck.

Wheel Offset Explained

Imagine a wheel, if you draw a line down the middle that is a “0” offset.  The hub would be exactly in the middle.  The offset is how many millimeters you want to move the hub towards the outside of the wheel or the inside of the wheel.

If you want the wheel to stay under the truck you would be looking for a positive offset, or moving the hub to the outside of the wheel. (+12, +25 etc…)

If you are looking for a wheel to stick out a little and give you some stance you are wanting a negative offset. Or moving the hub to the inside of the wheel (-12, -25, -44 etc…)

Next let’s talk wheel size.  You will see terms like 20×9, 22×10, 24×12 ect… the first number is the diameter of the wheel, the second number is how wide the wheel is.


Why is this important?  The wider the wheel, typically the more drastic the offset is.  When you get a 12” wheel the offset is usually -44 which is going to pull the wheel outside the fender 3-4 inches.

If you look at a 9” wheel the offset is going to be anywhere from +18 to 0.  This will keep your wheel under the vehicle.

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