ROUSH Superchargers Arriving By Truck Load

Phase 1 and Phase 2 Superchargers ready for install! Lebanon Ford Performance – has been rocking around the clock since the release of our 727 HP for $39,995 promotion. As the orders come pouring in, we are working non stop to answer questions, build cars, and make dreams come true (cheesy, but accurate. lol).  It has been absolutely […]

Mustang Beats Camaro and Challenger…Combined.

Lebanon Ford Performance- The weather is starting to break, car shows are being scheduled, and the Ford Mustang is the best selling pony car on the market. All seems right with the world. Mustang has dominated domestic sales since the release of the S550. However, Ford decided to up the ante for March, 2016. Not only […]

Hello Baby, Goodbye Mustang.

Goodbye…Mustang. :( Lebanon Ford Performance –  We have all heard the reasoning. “When the baby came, I had to let her go. Owning a two-door, fastback just doesn’t make sense with a car seat.” I would always cringe at the stories of people selling their Mustang because they were expecting an addition to their family. However, […]

Texas to Ohio: 727 HP for $39k

Brandon and Charlie Watson – 2016 Mustang GT – 727 hp Lebanon Ford Performance – Ladies and Gentlemen…we have a new distance record! We would like to start by thanking Brandon for making the sixteen hour drive from Texas to Ohio to do business with LFP! That’s right, Brandon saw our ad on Facebook and decided […]