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Top 3 Improvements of the New Police Interceptor [Scofflaws Beware]

The first wave of Police Interceptors began rolling off the factory floors at the Chicago Assembly Plant in January.  This mile stone marks the beginning of their lifelong service towards the protection of others. Ford released its first Police Interceptors in 1950, which has been the pride and joy of law enforcement for the past […]

Automotive Showdown: The Fight For Super Bowl Legacy Is On

Super Bowl weekend isn’t just any old weekend; it’s the showdown of the year.  With only two of 32 teams given the rare opportunity to step on the field, we can’t guarantee everyone will be a fan of either team, but rather a fan of the game.  With bleacher report reporting that between 40-45% of people with televisions […]

Built Ford Tough: Nat Geo’s Inside Look at the Ultimate Factory

The Dearborn Truck Plant or DTP as it is commonly referred to in the automotive industry, is this week’s star of National Geographic hit show; Ultimate Factories. Built from the ground up in 2003, this 2.6 million square feet plant produces 10 of the 11 Ford F-150’s including the incredible Ford Raptor. DTP is Ford’s next generation […]