A Woman’s Guide to Car Care

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no car expert. I absolutely love my vehicle and take pride in keeping it in tip-top shape, but if you popped the hood and asked me what’s underneath, there’s a slight (good) chance I wouldn’t be able to answer your question. I’m a female, so this is […]

Honey, My Car Needs Brakes?

Let’s face it, cars like seventeen-year-old girls are high maintenance. Oil changes, new wiper blades, new brakes, replacement hoses, replacement lines, tail lights, head lights, O-rings, head gaskets and if you’re extra lucky a new transmission. With all of these things that need to be fixed or replaced during the life of your car, the […]

2012 MyFord Touch Upgrade: What You Need To Know [w/video]

The MyFord Touch upgrade  shipped on March 5th of this year and if you haven’t yet updated your MyFord Touch system below is everything you need to know. You can install the upgrade yourself with the instructions that come with the flash drive or you can opt to go to your local Ford Dealership and get […]

How to Setup SYNC Voice Activated Control in Two Easy Steps

If you have an iPod or any other portable music playing device then chances are you enjoy using it in your vehicle. I smell something brewing here… Have you ever wondered how to merge the two together in perfect harmony? I have, mainly because the only way to play music in my car is to play […]