What Everybody Ought to Know About Oil Changes

  To some getting an oil change can be on par with heading to the dentist for a root canal. Or worse, having to listen to an entire Justin Bieber album while sitting uncomfortably in an overly hot and stuffy vehicle, on a 10 hour road trip… with your family. But alas!  Knowledge is your […]

Tires cost how much? Why your treads are worth it [Infographic]

You may be surprised to learn that tires are the single most important part of your car when it comes to vehicle control and safety. You also might by surprised to learn one out of every ten vehicles on our roads today are driving with at least one bald tire. The infographic below details why […]

Avoiding the Winter Blues: “Fun” Strategies for a Clean Car

1. You vs. the Cold: Vacuuming Strategies It’s freezing outside, and the last thing you feel like doing is paying quarters to vacuum. The first sub-strategy of this strategy is to minimize the time your skin actually has contact with the wind chill. To save precious minutes, sit in your toasty car and combine all […]