How a $10 Tire Gauge Can Make You Look More Intelligent

This weekend the Low Tire Pressure indicator on my dashboard lite up. Being the handy man I am (those who know me know this isn’t true) I took it upon myself to correct this issue by pumping air into my tires at a local gas station. The particular air station I used was free but […]

How Remote Start Can Change The Way You Feel About Winter

With the recent winter storm that hit the Midwest most of us found ourselves iced out of our vehicles. As some of us slaved away excavating our car out of the ice like a prehistoric creature, others just had to press a button and their cars melted the ice from the inside. These people have […]

How Programming Your Keyless Entry Can Make Your Life Easier

Problem We’ve all been there; you approach your vehicle on your way to work or the grocery store when you spot the very car key that should be lying dormant in your pants pocket, living it up on your center console. Sitting there laughing at you as you frantically try to figure out a way […]

You’re the Mechanic with SYNC Vehicle Health Report

We all look at mechanics as the doctors of our vehicles, but what if you could diagnose your vehicle’s problems without having to fork over everything in your pocket. What if you could view your car’s service history without having to go ask a guy behind a desk? What if your car could let you […]