LFP Journey to Michigan International Speedway

We’ve all heard the expression of “being in the right place at the right time.” Nothing could have described our situation better in the summer of 2014. A small group of friends/customers and I decided to take a trip to the ROUSH factory for a visit while attending the legendary Woodward Dream Cruise. Naturally, the […]

Driving With the Top Down

Growing up, I always wanted a convertible. When I was a kid, I dreamt of driving a pink Barbie Mustang. Then, as a teen, I still hoped to own a Mustang, although I decided to lean toward a different color. Before I turned 16, my parents bought me the Mustang I always fantasized about, except […]

You Put What on your Car?!

Some things never cease to amaze me, so I’m not really surprised that I didn’t bat an eyelash when I saw a car that had eyelashes. When you see these strange accessories on a vehicle, you probably ask yourself “What really compels someone to do this?” Do drivers want attention? Does the driver think car […]

Where do America’s Best Drivers Live? Not Cincinnati

Every once in a while, drivers get mad at other drivers. It’s pretty inevitable. I know it seems completely off the wall to ever imagine getting annoyed at another motorist while behind the wheel, but it happens. That’s life. Whether it’s for running a stop sign, not making a right turn at a red light, or getting […]