RS3 vs Hellcat? Muscle wars continue.

Not since the 1960’s have we experienced a muscle car war as good as the one we are fighting through now. For decades American manufactures have produced sloppy, over weight, and under powered “muscle cars.” That all changed with the resurrection of the Chevy Camaro in 2009. The Mustang was no longer comfortable; no longer […]

Dayton is the Safest City in Ohio for Drivers

Allstate has released their 9th Annual List of Safest Driving Cities in America, and Dayton is the highest-ranking city in Ohio.

Ford C-Max Energi Tops Prius and Volt at 620 Miles per Tank

The most fuel-efficient car in America, Ford’s new 108 MPG C-Max Energi, is now rated as having the most range of any utility or compact vehicle with a 620-mile overall driving range as rated by the Environmental Protection Agency. C-Max’s closest competitor, the Toyota Prius plug-in, trailed at 80 MPG with 540 miles of overall range; Chevy Volt […]

2013 Ford F-150 Has Most Towing Power

Like I said last week, trucks are awesome. These vehicles are extremely helpful when it comes to transporting cargo and, when put to the test, the Ford F-150 proved it has the best towing capacity compared to other entry-level pickup trucks on the market. The new 2013 F-150 has a rated towing capacity of 6,700 pounds, a […]