The Complete Guide to the Perfect College Car

When you graduate from high school and head off to college, you want to cut ties with your parents. Unless they’re paying your rent and tuition, and for your food… okay, so maybe you don’t want to cut ties entirely. But you don’t want to be beholden to them for your wheels if you want […]

The Art of Leasing Part One: 3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Once you have a basic understanding of what leasing is, you are ready to figure out what vehicle you want. Following are 3 things that you will want to avoid when considering a lease. 1. Letting your eyes become bigger than your wallet Be sure that you are looking at vehicles that are in your […]

Quick Tip: Credit, Why Does It Matter

Credit—Why does it matter? Over the years, I’ve had many younger customers that were shocked because the payment on the car they wanted was too high. The problem wasn’t that they didn’t use a financial calculator; the problem was that they underestimated the impact of not paying their bills on time. Unfortunately, when you are […]

5 Resources to Help You Make Sense of Your Three-Digit Number

Your FICO Score, more commonly referred to as your credit score, can determine many things in your life so it’s imperative you understand what those three-digit numbers mean and how to maintain a good one. If you haven’t checked your score lately, you can be sure someone else has. Every time you receive a credit […]