Top 5 Most Practical and Desired Ford Cars for College Graduates

It’s that time of year again! That time where you get to sport a gown, sit in the midst of a smoldering hot sun and listen to way too many speakers talk about how bright your future is. Yes I’m talking about graduation baby! And with only a couple weeks left before the end of […]

4 Essential Online Review Sites for Car Shoppers

Finding the right car dealership to meet your needs can be a frustrating task. One of the best ways toward identifying the cream of the crop is to read online reviews. Personally, reading reviews is one of the first things I do regardless If I’m purchasing a pair of shoes, furniture or a brand new […]

Everything You Ought to Know About Car Insurance (Across the Lot)

In this episode: In quite possibly the best Across the Lot podcast to date, we talk directly with Jamon Sellman, owner of Nationwide Sellman Insurance Agency, to learn the ins and outs of car insurance. Listen in as he answers questions like, “What is the best course of action when I get in a car […]

8 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Used Vehicle (Across the Lot)

In this episode learn: Important questions you need to ask your dealer before buying a used car, tell tale signs that your dealer is hiding something from you, and why Alex should have asked more questions about his current car before receiving it from his brother Jeff.