What Everybody Ought to Know About Oil Changes

  To some getting an oil change can be on par with heading to the dentist for a root canal. Or worse, having to listen to an entire Justin Bieber album while sitting uncomfortably in an overly hot and stuffy vehicle, on a 10 hour road trip… with your family. But alas!  Knowledge is your […]

The Man Behind the Magic: Scott Monty and Ford’s Social Media Madness

Social Media /So-shul-me-dee-uh/ n. Facebook. Twitter. Flicker. Comments and Likes. Tweetup* and peeps and posts. A dialogue online. A chat room, chat forum, chat with your fingers. Blogs and buzz and news and links.  The everyday language and the way of life for Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company’s Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager and Head of […]