Traveler’s Guide to the 2011 Ford Edge

  The 2011 Ford Edge is the perfect illustration of classic Americana meets new American innovation, technology and design. Along with the 2011 Fiesta the Edge was one of the first Ford vehicles to showcase Ford’s Kinetic Design. The Edge was however, the very first vehicle to showcase MyFord Touch, Ford’s state-of-the-art infotainment system. The […]

Vicki O’Neill Speed Dating on the Edge

Vicki O’Neill is a 15-year marketing veteran and a digital marketing / social media geek (quite like myself). She’s also an active mom of two fabulous daughters (ages 12 and 10). Vicki on her website describes herself as an unexpected, passionate and engaging woman who loves life. Traits which mirror the vehicle she chose […]

Oh Social’s @Carole_Baker Reviews the 2011 Ford Edge

Carole Baker is one of the sweetest ladies you’ll find. She is the owner of Oh! Social a consulting firm which helps businesses of any size create strategies for establishing two-way communication with their audiences and is also the founder of Dayton’s fastest growing social media enthusiasts group – New Media Dayton (we were fortunate […]

What in the World is an Edge Crossover?

People need categories. From birth, infants thrive on routine, categorizing their day into sections. Nap time. Food time. Cry time. Categories help us feel stable, like we have control over our uncontrollable worlds. A student walks into the classroom on the first day and immediately needs to know: is this teacher a hard grader or […]