Ford Equips Police Force With The Best Tech (w/ Video)

Ford has been the go-to vehicle for police forces across the United States for decades. Now they have another reason to continue that trend: Ford has announced their new Police Interceptor Sedan, which is based off of the new 2014 Taurus.

5 Articles Showcasing the 2013 Ford Taurus’s Supremacy

The Ford Taurus has certainly come a long way since being introduced in the late 1980’s. When the Taurus was first introduced to the world in 1986 it was considered a milestone not only Ford, but for the automotive industry as a whole. It ushered in fresh design and innovative features to the marketplace, making […]

Stephen Peele: The SHO guy

For those who don’t spend their days writing, thinking, or talking about Ford cars, a SHO just looks like a misspelled word, and has no real significance. But for Stephen Peele, SHO enthusiast and owner of Cincinnati SHO, these cars are a near-obsession. Peele is a car-guy at heart, a passion born when he drove […]

There Are 409 reasons To Buy A Ford Taurus

Before progressing onward with yet another car, it is time to stop and reflect on the first few weeks of The Ford Project. Last week, leaving a seventh grade production of The Sound of Music in the Lakota District, I went out to my car. I pushed “unlock”, or so I thought. I actually pushed the […]