What in the World is an Edge Crossover?

People need categories. From birth, infants thrive on routine, categorizing their day into sections. Nap time. Food time. Cry time. Categories help us feel stable, like we have control over our uncontrollable worlds. A student walks into the classroom on the first day and immediately needs to know: is this teacher a hard grader or […]

What Does Brad Paisley and the Ford Fusion have in Common?

“She’s a Saturday out on the town, and a church girl on Sunday.” –Brad Paisley Webster defines a fusion [fyoo-zhuhn], (noun), as “the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.” When Lebanon Ford drove up the “metallic tuxedo black” Ford Fusion I’d be test-driving for a week, […]

Patti Newberry: The Professor

If you ask Patti Newberry what her hair looked like in the 90’s, she’ll proudly say, “It was big then as it is today–never change a good thing.” With that same attitude, Newberry has chosen to purchase Fords throughout her life (four of the seven cars she has owned have been Fords), crediting a Republican […]