Check Your Tire Pressure Like a Hipster

We’ve grown to accept Apple as the provider of every new device we’ll get six months from now, the iPhone obviously being at the forefront of these turn-arounds. We use our iPhones for nearly everything; talking, looking at pictures of cats, checking email, taking pictures of food, getting directions, selfies in a dirty mirror … […]

Is Google Street View the New Way To Shop For Cars?

I think it’s safe to say everyone is aware of “the Google”, and if you’re not, please tell me what magic you used to find this humble blog. Google is a great company; it’s brought us tablets, navigation, the internet, and the meaning of life. What is most intriguing to me about Google’s product line […]

Ford Wants You To Stop Worrying About Perpendicular Parking

The dreaded parallel park has been a maneuver that many of us have feared since we took our driving test. Automakers have helped alleviate the anxiety of parallel parking by offering Park Assist features. Ford addressed this problem with it’s introduction of it’s own automated parking technology in 2009. More recently, Ford has been working on a […]

So Your Ford Vehicle Buttons Aren’t Working… Now What?

Recently, we have seen some owners experience an inability to access radio and phone functions through their vehicle’s electronics. These problems include: not being able to access media devices connected through USB or Line-In (instead the vehicle will kick them back to AM or FM); the vehicle may also not grant you access to the […]