Ford MyKey: Helping Keep Your Teen Safe

MyKey was developed by a Ford employee who wanted to keep his teenage daughter safe while on the road. The MyKey feature is available on nearly all the vehicles in Ford’s lineup. So what is it?

How The Xbox One Could Change The Automotive Industry

Yesterday, Microsoft announced it’s new game console: Xbox One. It now runs an 8 Core x86 AMD CPU, 8GB DDR3 with a 500GB hard drive, Blu-ray player and much more. It’s shaping up to be quite the machine. While all that hardware is good, it’s the software within the updated Kinect which has caught my eye.

4 Incredibly Necessary Vehicle Upgrades for the Future

Flight The ground is so last century. I want to take to the skies like the Wright Brothers, soaring over Kitty Hawk in a flying Ford Fiesta. Imagine how free the vehicle must feel once lifted off the ground, tires dangling beneath the frame. Ah, to fly the mechanical bird.

So You’re Having Trouble Uploading A Photo To MyFord Touch?

Personalizing your experience is an important aspect to technology today. We set family portraits as our phone backgrounds. The amazing picture you took at the Grand Canyon becomes your desktop wallpaper at work. In our recent article, 5 Steps To Personalizing Y0ur MyFord Touch Background, we showed you how to personalize your MyFord Touch screen by […]