Who is Charlie Watson?

Do you really know anything about who you’re dealing with on a daily basis? As I watch endless TV commercials blasting $99 per month, $10,000 off, or the “best prices in town,” I rarely see a businesses talking about who they are. Of course, the financial aspect of a deal is a very important part. […]

From Sports to Automotive: Ricky Bumgardner Jr.

Last August I began the daunting task of interviewing all of the wonderful people that make up what we know as Lebanon Ford. Little did I realize that it would take a lot more time and effort than I initially thought. But fear not, for I have started the series once again! Now, I’m not […]

Stories from the New Guy: John Jurgens

This week I had the chance to sit down with another one of our sales and leasing consultants, John Jurgens. John has an extensive sales background in more than just automotive sales, but also advertising and moving and storage. John was also able to share tons of awesome traveling stories which immediately made me jealous, […]

Stories from the New Guy: Freeda Floyd

Week two of “Stories from the New Guy” features a great interview I had with one of our sales and leasing consultants Freeda Floyd. Freeda is a long time veteran of the car business, but isn’t what she has always done. She has found ways to bring her skills from previous jobs over in to […]