LFP: Supercharged Mustang Review

Lebanon Ford Performance –¬†Well…the last few months have been a blur. Through thousands of phone calls, we have managed to help people all over the country build the car of their dreams. The 727 HP for $39,995 promotion has been one to remember and there are very few experiences in my life that have been […]

We Live in the Future: America Beat Carbon Emissions (Kind of)!

Obligatory “I Lived in California Once and It Was Terrible” Anecdote: You have not truly known existential peril until you have sat in an idling car, emitting all kinds of carbons and pollutants, trying to get onto the 405 from the 101 during rush hour. It can be a literal 90 minute prospect¬†just to get […]

“I Killed a Man”: Confessions of an Ohio Drunk Driver

This past weekend, some of you might have seen a video called “I killed a man.” on YouTube. Featuring a modulated voice and a blurred face of a man, a confession follows of becoming overly intoxicated and killing a man on an interstate north of Columbus. It is one of the most powerful anti-drunk driving […]

Would You Practice Proper ‘Charging Station Etiquette’?

The automotive industry is moving towards a more green, fuel efficient society with the adoption of plug-in hybrids and full electric vehicles. But are we ready for such a drastic change in how we fuel our vehicles? There are many concerns to think of when it comes to transitioning to a charging station society. What […]