How to: Buy a 650 hp GetLifted F-150 – $49,995

Lebanon Ford Performance –¬†with our 727 hp for $39,995 GT’s shipping all over the nation, we decided that it wasn’t fair for the Mustang to have all the fun. With the Raptor being MIA, the truck world has been dominated by the ROUSH F-150 and the Shelby F-150. While both of those are amazing machines, […]

How to: buy a brand new, 727 hp Muscle car – $39,995

ROUSH Stage 3 vs. Hellcat With the muscle car wars in full swing, the horsepower per dollar ratio is arguably better than ever. The Hellcat with 707 horsepower, the ROUSH Stage 3 with 670 horsepower and the (14′) Shelby GT500 with 662 horsepower can be purchased for a bargain price of $65,000. There is no […]