Tax Day: One of the Most Dangerous Driving Days of the Year

Yesterday, April 17th, Americans everywhere raced around their local cities with their taxes in hand and hopefully signed at the bottom, hoping to get their taxes in on time. From the rigors of this important financial time, it comes to no surprise that many Americans stressed, lost sleep, and may have even cried over their […]

Too Cramped for Comfort

Is it just me or are those bank ATM drive thrus way to narrow for any car no matter the size to comfortably navigate. Each time I line up my car to get to the ATM I slowly creep forward hoping to not rim out on the right side but at the same time get […]

Rubbernecking–The Irresistible Danger

After seeing two scary accidents in two days, I have witnessed my share of “gawking,” or “rubbernecking.” It made me wonder, why are we so compelled to slow down to try to get a glimpse of accidents? Are we just curious about others’ well being, or are we really deep down terrified because we are […]

How Rotten Bananas Can Affect Your Driving Habits

Cincinnati natives know that there’s one place in town where everyone rolls up the windows. You guessed it, the Rumpke trash mountain on Colerain Avenue. But it turns out that smelling and driving can be more than just unpleasant. It can be downright dangerous. A British foundation conducted an odor study and discovered that smell […]