Check Your Tire Pressure Like a Hipster

We’ve grown to accept Apple as the provider of every new device we’ll get six months from now, the iPhone obviously being at the forefront of these turn-arounds. We use our iPhones for nearly everything; talking, looking at pictures of cats, checking email, taking pictures of food, getting directions, selfies in a dirty mirror … […]

The Future of the Vehicle Owner’s Manual

Before YouTube, iPads, and electronics in general, there were these things called “books.” These books would house information that could only be found by turning their physical pages. This archaic way of reading was, and still is, used by automakers to show their customers what’s what in their vehicles. Happily, automakers seem to be challenging […]

Ford Unveils the Future of SYNC AppLink

The Detroit Auto show is underway and man has Ford kicked it off with a bang with the unveiling of the new 2013 Fusion. As great a car as that is I’m more interested in the technology Ford has showcased. Ford announced at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) this year a series of new apps you […]

Trucks, Shoes, and Car Buying. Wait… Shoes? (Across The Lot)

In this episode learn: What happens when 4 women take on a whole lotta’ truck, to save some money at the pump, how car buying is a lot like buying a pair of shoes, and our personal commitment to you. Special interview with April from ZipSetGo on Kick the Tires week two with the 2011 […]