Is Google Street View the New Way To Shop For Cars?

I think it’s safe to say everyone is aware of “the Google”, and if you’re not, please tell me what magic you used to find this humble blog. Google is a great company; it’s brought us tablets, navigation, the internet, and the meaning of life. What is most intriguing to me about Google’s product line […]

When is The Best Price NOT the Best Deal

This is a Guest Post by Andy Buck, Sales & Leasing Consultant at Lebanon Ford. Andy has over 18 years of automotive retail experience and is a University of Cincinnati graduate. To learn more about Andy and his GOLD standard jump over to his website When shopping for an automobile, most people like to […]

Women Know Car Buying

Gone are the old days (rightly so) when men took women to do their shopping, negotiating, and purchasing of cars. According to a recent NPR news piece, conducted a study and found that women generally get better deals on cars than men do. Auto dealers and websites alike have noticed that women know what […]

How One Dealership Employee Would Approach Car Shopping

This weekend as I was driving home from a round of golf I noticed the car in front of me had temp tags. This got me thinking about how someone [myself] who currently handles the marketing and communications for a local car dealership would approach the car shopping experience from a consumer point-of-view. Do more […]